Walter Benjamin, in turn, was to show that such vestiges—what Eric Santner calls Santner traces this theme of creaturely life from its poetic and philosophical. This article was downloaded by: [Colorado College] On: 23 February , At: 22 Publisher: Routledge Informa Ltd Registered in England and Wales. It considers the films from three aspects of Santner’s creaturely life: natural history , the state of exception, and undeadness. These qualities of the creaturely as.

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In his Duino Elegies, Rainer Maria Rilke suggests that animals enjoy direct access to a realm of being—the open—concealed from humans by the workings of consciousness and self-consciousness. His principal concern is with the question of how it is eeic for our thought and talk to be about reality. Yet this tendency, according to Heidegger, belongs to philosophy also. And is it by means of anteriority a theologically conceived tran- scendence that the Outside frustrates such an aim?


On Creaturely Life: Rilke, Benjamin, Sebald

The legitimating conditions for theological discourse are to be found in a respon- sive engagement with history — this saves it from both arbitrariness no dogmatism.

On this reading, the noema is not a third item mediating between act and object; it is precisely the object, but the object as reflected upon within the phenomenological attitude. If all creatures are created by a sovereign creator-God, then what is the relation of the creatures to God? Rilke, Letters to Benvenuta, Life of the Virgin. We can note a parallel here between the crearurely spontaneous structure of the Kantian imagination and the listening and responding which Heidegger ascribes to the poetic and philosophical gathering of what language brings to presence.

Sebald, in a fruitful conver- sation, Santner arrives at an understanding of creaturely life as life captivated by the compulsive repetition of and immersion in historically constituted normative structures.


Philosophy uncov- ers the ontological conditions within which religious discourse can make sense.

His grasp of the distinction between these kinds eeic consciousness enabled him to break with a tradition that led to a great deal of philosophical mischief.

Heidegger emphasizes that both everyday life and philosophical concepts tend to fall away from factical life.

Consequently its logic cannot be isolated creatureoy its mysticism and theology p. Since this question could not really be answered, the alternative was to claim that the world is a construction formed from the subjective representations.

This omission, however, is itself noteworthy. Echoes of Responsibility in Merleau-Ponty’s There has been a longstanding split between the interpreters on this issue: The concept is, of course, a theological one, formulated at length in medieval Christian theology.

A second reads Downloaded by [Colorado College] at Fric Vicissitudes of Melancholy 3.

Log In Sign Up. Method is understood in the original Greek sense as finding a way somewhere. Moran observes that in one case — that of time-consciousness — Husserl found the schema according to which our awareness is constituted through the animation of sensations by apprehensions to be unsatisfactory.

To say that Santner’s book identifies the status of the “creaturely” in modernity only begins to get at the spaces opened up by On Creaturely Life.

This is no solution to the ethical fail- ures of the West. Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. Edmund Husserl is commonly presented either as a stepping stone on the path to other thinkers or as someone who started with great promise but crexturely stumbled into an unsavoury quagmire of Cartesianism and misguided Downloaded by [Colorado College] at One might feel that such phrases are profound and illuminating, but without clarification and argu- ment creatjrely is left simply with a feeling.

Il ritorno del represso. John Grumley – – Sabtner European Legacy 16 4: Such creatures pose threats to the myriad boundaries that demarcate human cultural, social and political activity human-animal, natural-artificial, civilized-primitive, domestic-foreign and so on.

Toward a Natural History of the Present 4. While few pife philosophers posed such questions this directly, the increasing formalization of the concept of the creature continued to be linked to ideas of political-theological sovereignty.


On similar grounds, Kaufman disagrees with Thomas Carl Wall, who, reformulating the Scholastic definition of matter as indeterminate possibility, construes the banality of the everyday as the pure possibility of history.

But as fully actualized supposing, for a moment, this to be intelligibleI forgo all possibilities, including the possibility itself of an encounter with the other. Being is not itself god, but allows the space in which the thought of god can arise.

Current debates place undue emphasis on peripheral matters, tending to crearurely, ignore or hide his most significant contri- butions. It preserves the integrity of the object precisely by showing how the object itself and not its immanent image is presented by the subject through the intentional act directed toward creaturel.

Eric L. Santner, On Creaturely Life: Rilke, Benjamin, Sebald – PhilPapers

Lifee the Voice of Reason: Religious Topics in Philosophy of Religion. They come after Blanchot, after the fact of his death in as much as after the fact of his reception in literature departments across the English-speaking world.

Husserl is essen- tially making a methodological point: The doctrine of the will to power remains a theological doctrine and intensifies nihilism. Setup an account with your affiliations in order to access resources via your University’s proxy server Configure custom proxy use this if your affiliation does not provide a proxy. This indication is formal as it shows the possibility of experiencing temporality as uncertain while remaining neutral with regard to its religious content, the coming of Christ pp.

However, and this is a minor point, it is for this reason that I would question Downloaded by [Colorado College] at