Honda Civic / Del Sol ( – ) – erl mf2 injector controller – I was wondering what was everybodys opinions on this controller. Is it easy to tune, or reliable?. I have a 8v turbo project, and am running a MF2 for fueling: Would anyone know the easiest way to work out the fueling, i’ve done some. Engine Management – MF2 Fuel Injecter Controller – I just got done wtb: Erl Mf2 addtional injector controller ford injecter ยท Got a Great E-bay.

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I’m running it in 3D, with four injectors No need to be fancy, just an overview. Instruction manual A page comprehensively-written instruction manual discusses every aspect of the MF2 in great detail, including over 20 schematic diagrams and illustrations.

By injecting atomized water into the combustion camber you can run more boost because it’ll act as an octane and it’ll also retard your timing during high boost pressure.

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MF2 Fuel Injecter Controller

Any links with more info? Oh, heh, here’s the link for it. The time now is Please sign up or sign in and take part in the conversation with other Volvo owners and. So, it’s a cheaper way of tossing more fuel into the mixture and being able to tune it, as opposed to spending the extra money by using higher flowing injectors, and a timer, correct?

ERL MF2 5th injector kit .

I advised you use only 2 fuel injectors with the unit. Would anyone know the easiest way to work out the fueling, i’ve done some calcs but not sure jf2 they are correct. The following errors occurred with your submission. I don’t mff2 the injecters are coming on at all. There is a “jumper” that you put on the correct pins. Simply select your model to the left, pick a category, locate your parts, pay via secure online payment, then sit back and relax To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below.


When the existing power-chip can no longer give you more fuel because of the limitation of the jf2 But with the MF2 system, your tuning will be.

ERL MF2 5th injector kit . – PassionFord – Ford Focus, Escort & RS Forum Discussion

That link doesn’t work and I’m only vaguely familiar with the mc2 kit your talking about. For that price you might as well get a Hondata system and do it right. E 3 If for some reason you upgraded all of your factory 4 cylinder fuel injectors to larger ones and decides that you what to increase the boost, then you’ll need to purchase a set of new fuel injectors.

Yeah, as I astute Just be on mf2 injector Mf2 Its. It controls 2 extra cc injecters that are in the intake pipe just before the TB. After several signal conditioning stages it finally arrives at the pulse-width-modulator stage, and the output signal is then converted into digital pulses before being sent to the electro-magnetic water valve. An additional pair of wires supplies a stablised output voltage of 5 volts for driving a MAP manifold absolute pressure sensor.

Find More Posts by willahlborn. I’ve read the article on it a half dozen times, and I’m still confused as to what it is and what it comes with. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

MF2 Fuel Injecter Controller – HomemadeTurbo – DIY Turbo Forum

There are no mechanical links between the piston and the drive motor: When it’s on the 4 cylinder pins it reads double the RPM that my tach is reading. Contact Us Advertising Privacy Rules. That is the brand name. Aquamist mf2 injector driver – Aquamist mf2 injector driver. The light that tells me when I go into boost was set for 5lbs and I turned that down so it comes on at 1lb of boost.


Find More Posts by inspyral. Find More Posts by Sikocivic. For applications where load signal throttle angle sensor or manifold absolute pressure sensor MAP sensor are available, the MF2 can read these signals and perfom 3-D mapping functions.

For simplicity and ease of tuning, I would go with larger injectors amd a standalone like Hondata, as was suggested. You have your four stock injectors in the manifold which are controlled by the stock ECU.

I can only get it to read the correct RPM when I have it on the 8 cylinder pins. Send a private message to willahlborn.

One other problem that can happen if you run additional fuel injectors before the throttle body is that fuel can pool up in the manifold. Actually, I’m in complete agreement with you.

The MF2 can handle a maximum of 4 fuel injectors but with caution or you’ll burn the unit. Anybody ever use one of these before? I am having a few problems with it.

It is normally fitted to the vacuum side of the inlet manifold 2D mode. There are two additional inlet ports: Members List Mark Forums Read. A pre-pressurized system enables instant response on demand. Author Write something about yourself. You control the amount of fuel those injectors dispense with the MF2, completely independent of the ECU. Registration is fast less than 2 minutessimple, absolutely free and gives you access to a wealth of FIAT information. Find More Posts by MrFatbooty.