This document is a guide for using MaxL, multi-dimensional database access language for Hyperion Essbase OLAP Server. MaxL is a flexible way to automate . To get started, click on the Start menu and navigate to Program | Oracle EPM System | Essbase | Start Administration Services Console. In the Log in menu, enter. Essbase MaxL scripts MaxL is a Multidimensional Access Language developed for Essbase analytics. MaxL, as it is known, is a powerful scripting tool.

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This particular example has been modified from the original in order to hide the real names and to simplify it a little, but the concept is essbade same.

Will the iferror function generate an error when a calc script exists, but fails when it is run? Therefore, your deploy method could literally be as simple as copying the folder from the test server to the production server. Previous Section Complete Course. Using Sort Order on data elements. Email required Address never made public. We can also use the repository to deploy code to the production server.

So, there you have it. Using Text measures on a BSO cube. One, you may have a cube that has detailed data and another cube with higher level data, and you want to move the sums or other calculations from one to the other.

Overview of MaxL and MDX

But perhaps you have a bunch of functionality you want to leave on a Windows server and have it run against your shiny new AIX server, or you just want all of the automation on one machine.


I had no idea that was possible. Using substitution variables in calculations script. Without getting embarrassingly mushy, let me just say that to hear praise from guys like you is really, really gratifying.

Understanding MaxL

In other words, here is the English translation of the command: Using different outline formula logic at parent level.

Using Shared Services to add and provision a user.

Find more information and commands on the Oracle Tech Reference: When the load rule is done, we should be able to run the script and schedule it in our job scheduling software to carry out the task in a consistent and automated manner.

I enjoy giving my automation files unnecessarily long filenames. Organization of a Batch File 1. Adding an application and database on an Essbase Server.

Again, this just refers to locations that are defined in the conf. The output files are to a local location. This is one method that allows us to centralize certain passwords and folder paths like where to put error files, where to put spool files, where to put dataload error files, and so on.

Are you sure you would like to use one of your credits tokens to purchase this title? Warning — two shameless plugs follow.

Essbase – MaxL [Gerardnico]

Retrieving data using UDAs and Attributes. So what to do? This presents a somewhat ironic development step: For the purposes of brevity, I will just assume that connect. I’m looking to pass eesbase exit status to a parent shell script if a calc script fails when the MaxL calls it.


You can tweak them with EAS by hand, or use one of several different methods to automate it. Strategically use variables to simplify the code and make it directory-agnostic. Setting up joins in a minischema. The folder with these files on my servers already have filesystem level security that prevent access, and for the time being, this has been deemed good enough.

In a Windows batch file, this whole process looks like this:. What does the report script look like?

Although mxal outlines are in sync right now between production and development because I just copied them, the purpose of one of the main ESSCMD jobs is to update the outlines on a period basis, so this seems like a good place to start.

Something went wrong, please check your esssbase connection eswbase try again This makes the process not only easier, but faster. I’m also going to have an Essbase Beginner’s session called I hope the name has been changed “Script or Die!

Using EAS for Development. Lastly, we want to preserve all of the data currently in the cube, and send all rejected data records that could not be used to update the dimensions to the dim. Determining hierarchies in relational tables. First of all, why substitution variables?