EDB – Interoperability Standards for VoIP ATM Components (Volume 1: Radio – Volume 2: Telephone – Volume 3: European Legacy Telephone. ED/1C – Interoperability Standards For VoIP ATM Components (Volume 1: Radio) This document supersedes ED/1B issued in January In , EUROCAE (European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment) Working Group 67 EDB: Interoperability Standards for VoIP ATM Components.

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Radio recording for Eurocae ED

Ease of viewing Ground-to-Ground calls and Air-to-Ground sessions is possible. Features of the wirespeed packet filter are listed below: Maximum time or frame interval between each R2S-keep Alive packet. The Packet Analyzer is capable of generating triggers based on packet filters.

Before such a system is deployed live, it is imperative that thorough testing 317 voice quality, performance, reliability, and functionality be conducted.



The voice traffic is received at the controller side and recorded. It is an easy plug-and-play system that collects data, segregates, and provides comprehensive analysis of network health, detailed protocol monitoring with historical data retention up to 9 GB. PTT-id assigned by remote end will be reflected in extended header. GL tools for signalling emulation and voice quality testing offer an end-to-end test solution for testing connections from the radio interfaces to the Controller Working Position CWP.

Delay testing and verification is going to be particularly important with the transition to IP, which will introduce packetization delays as well as jitter buffer delays and other uncertainties.

It simulates both Controller Working Position and Radio Media Gateway Systemwith following important features required to maintain reliable 13 over air traffic network. This appliance is connected to the two end points of a WAN link, allowing it to act either as a transparent bidirectional Ethernet link or a simple Ethernet bridge between two end points. Buyer’s Guide Item No.


Measuring delay, jitter and packet loss through these networks is critical and network testers will need to precisely time events. Specially designed for all traffic control towers and centers to simplify the recording, archiving, and playback voice communications.

Contact us to know more. Signaling Simulation and Analysis. PTT identity value from to max.

PTT and Squelch fields are set properly to signal voice activity in uplink or downlink. Push-To-Talk PTT and Squelch fields are reset properly to signal silence idle period in uplink and downlink respectively.

Features of the wirespeed packet filter are listed below:.