THE DEMONWEB PITS? The Expedition to the Demonweb Pits campaign adventure is designed to begin with four to six 9th-level DUNGEONS &. DRAGONS®. We’ll start with Expedition to castle Ravenloft, since I know that Out of the other Expeditions, the one to the demonweb pits has caught my. Expedition to the Demonweb Pits is D&D Adventure for 9th level characters that should bring them to atleast 12th level by the end. I had 4.

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I’m going to do that in Ravenloft too. It is the PC’s goal to prevent the reading of that pact. Given the slowness of PBP, we probably haven’t gotten very far. This page was last edited on 18 Juneat Others have more of a balance of roleplaying, investigation, stealth, and combat elements. Expedition to the Ho of Greyhawk. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. They don’t know the PCs are going to talk to him, and even if they did, I can’t see any good reason for them expedjtion care.

If ipts plans came to fruition, the inconvenience — and this pretense of civility — would be worth it. This is not for beginners. He wouldn’t have accepted if she did.

Is the Expedition to the demonweb pits good?

What’s the point of the encounter with the Cranium Rats? Although her cooperation wasn’t required for his plans, Graz’zt needed her to agree, or at the expedution least, not to interfere.

Originally Posted by Doc Roc. I can’t say anything about it as far as running the module, but I have been cracking open that book for a few monsters and rules and such. The Demonweb Pits have a deep-rooted history within the game, and now you can join others at the gaming table to revisit several classic adventures in Expedition to the Demonweb Pits.

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I’m currently using EttDP to playtest a group of 4 gestalt 6th level characters. Possibly with more demons than usual.

Expedition to the Demonweb Pits

But fear not, many of the encounters are able to be skipped, missed entirely, or are just there in the case of picking a fight. What we need is unity. Removes all sense of urgency and the possibility of missing something important. Certain spells, such as analyze portal, are assumed to be available demobweb the party at some point before the party reaches 11th level in this plane-hopping campaign.

The meeting had been arranged through intermediaries, with suspicion eexpedition treachery on both sides.

How does that help us if no divine aspect survives to read the Pact?

Since my party was a solid mix between combat and RPing, we expected a good amount of them, yet we skipped over ten encounters just because. The encounter format is very nice as you have all of the encounter information on one or two pages and always in front of you.

Seriously, can we kill this misconception now?

The main problem with the cranium rats is that as written they can very xemonweb be either a TPK or non encounter. My own parlor will not be muddied by their boot prints. Monday, 14th August, Homebrew something worth the players’ while in their stead. Much of the content had to be improved and modified.

Awesome avatar by the amazing Serpentine! This adventure puts a different spin on the classics, though, so even if you did play through the classics mentioned in the Introduction belowyou’ll still have a few surprises in store.

The combats so far have been pretty challenging, and we’ve already had a player character death.

Expedition to the Demonweb Pits Excerpts

Many of the items were forgettable and generic. Notice how with the second batch we expended slightly more ingredients but dramatically enhanced the flavor? The final element of the story arc culminated with the module Queen of the Demonweb Pits, featuring the first intense look at the Abyss and an unforgettable fight against Lolth herself.


Kestrel The Demonweb Pits have a deep-rooted history within the game, and now you expedittion join others at the gaming table to revisit several classic adventures in Expedition to the Demonweb Pits.

I fell that many of the encounters were overpowered and even with the help of an NPC one of mine they were far too challenging in some regards. My homebrew – If you use it, please let me know how it goes!

Wayne Tonjes described it as “very convoluted”, with “a few too many places where the plot requires the go to make one specific choice to access key phases of the campaign. Some sections of the adventure, such as the Demonweb itself, consist almost entirely of combat encounters.

Otherwise, I liked your level of detail and the fact that you clearly list the issues you had and how you dealt with them. I understand that the DM me is supposed to add his own bits here and there and I did, yet it seemed like so much was missing from this story. While he is doing this, Rule-of-Three spreads word among the drow that their goddess is coming to the Prime Material Plane ot wage the eternity war against their hated cousins, the surface elves and their god, Corellon Larethian.