An understanding of Rider’s respiratory distress is essential to a sound inter- pretation of William Faulkner’s “Pantaloon in Black.” It opens an avenue of meaning. Faulkner Pantaloon in Black PDF – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online for free. Faulkner-pantaloon-in-black-pdf. Go Down, Moses) “Pantaloon in Black” may be found to reside in an ol southern black and white country blues song which Faulkner probably knew and which.

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Again he eats like a hungry wolf, blinking, as sticky syrup trickles over him. Rider, of course, finds himself in a worse condition, for he must work from his blackness, one of the worst handicaps man can have.

You are here Home. Sitting on the ground, Rider eats: He responds in a logical manner:. Fauulkner, in a totally irrational, totally absurd way he forces his way into a crap game, run by a white man who has cheated the blacks of their hard-earned money for fifteen years.

Whut He wanter come messin wid me and-? Certainly his throw, this amazing physical accomplishment, caused each of his peers to think that “hit gonter to kill him.

Southeast Missouri State University.

“Pantaloon in Black” (Text Key ) | The Digital Yoknapatawpha Project

After their marriage he has rented a cabin, fixed it up, and built a fire on the hearth as his Uncle Lucas Beauchamp had done, a symbol of the permanence of the family and marriage. Comedy with gloom which ends badly and tragedy shot through with comedy that makes the outlook still bleaker holds out the only hop we can accept. Rider again acts irrationally, insisting that he has purchased the jug and taking it by force amidst some racial slurs from the bootlegger who exhibits a paternalistic, superior attitude one hardly logical for an outlaw Faulkner Such a plot summary emphasizes the tragic elements, but it hardly captures the essence of the story, for the comic undertones make all the difference.


Next he runs madly, like a clown, to a bootlegger, a white man, who refuses to sell him a gallon but offers to give him a pint. The peculiar, unparalleled ruthlessness of the genre suggests a wrestling match with no holds barred. Rider realizes his own insignificance, his own inability to cope with the absurdities surrounding him a world controlling him and his race with illegal liquor and crooked crap games.

The absurd universe emerges in his response, for Rider understands that “bad things happen to good people” and he rejects a God who allows such to happen. Not even warmed from mouth-heat pease and spoon spattered and rang upon the plate; his chair crashed backward and he was standing, feeling the muscles of his jaw beginning to drag his mouth open, tugging upward the top half of his head. After all, she has saved him from self-destruction.

Pantaloon in Black – Southeast Missouri State University

The picture Faulkner paints shows us a man who comically acts like an animal to the casual human observer but who has a depth of feeling most cannot and do not have. He and the people around him will continue to suffer from illness, injury, death, fraud, slander, prejudice, irrationality, loneliness, and hope.

Edit Copy Publisher Date: Center for Faulkner Studies. She tells him, “You come home and eat,” meaning her home, but he has a home, one of his own, one with a fire on the hearth. University of South Carolina Press, After failing to kill himself at work, he runs wildly on to a bootlegger where he fights to keep a gallon of moonshine.

So religious that he must use the minced form, godfrey, for God, he still cannot love his fellow man, especially if they happen to be black.

Pantaloon in Black

He responds in a logical manner: After another confrontation with his aunt, he rushes to a dice game where he tangles with Birdsong, a crooked white man, whom he kills with a razor. The congealed and lifeless mass seemed to bounce on contact with his lips. NTC Publishing Group, Encyclopedia of World Drama. They have done so to impress upon the blacks all of whom they consider stupid though they themselves are the real foolsthat they need to learn a lesson, hence their use of the un.


Fireman at the Sawmill. After he leaves home, he goes to the sawmill where he aggressively forces a sympathetic fellow worker to lantaloon him his pantalooj. Mourning the sudden unexplained death of his wife Mannie, Rider, distorted with grief, buries her in an almost violent way.

In a fight right out of commedia del arte: Throughout the entire scene Rider has smiled, like faulknrr fool, who adapts to his absurd surroundings. But as he stands there dripping with pie juice, Rider answers:.

In these few words Eric Bentley, an eminent literary critic, points out the power, the purpose, and the effect of mixing tones in literature. Though Rider has made no attempt to escape, the deputy tells us, Rider tears apart the cell, only to be beaten by members of a black chain gang all fwulkner naught for the next day, persons unknown take him from the jail and lynch him.

Members of Sawmill Gang.

He then connects both with the white man whose dominance in throwing the dice and in organizing the game seems especially contrived. If one thinks of the wasted energy, the mad swings, and the little dirt, he cannot help pxntaloon laugh as he will when he sees that that grave lies in a barren garbage heap full of “shards of pottery and broken bottles and other objects insignificant to sight but pantalokn of a profound meaning and fatal to touch.

The University of Georgia Press, Freud points out in “Jokes and the Comic” that comedy makes people “contemptible to deprive him of his claim to dignity and authority” Awright Hyar Ah is.