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This quota is filled by the most qualified candidates competing for advancement.

The following sugges- tions may help you to make the best use of this manual and other Navy training or official publications techniuqe you are preparing for advancement: The master key to group II may be retained in the custody of the officer or petty officer designed by the supply officer If a duplicate master key is furnished, it is retained in the custody of the supply officer.

The good supervisor gets around, is seen before the meal hour, and follows through on all work until he has reached a satisfactory conclusion One mistake commonly made by less cap- able supervisors is to do a great deal of observing but apply little thought to what is being observed. Difficult or unfamiliar material will require more study time.


Don’t tschnique to make your own repairs. The QPO must also be aware of the problems that face a trainee. To manage the PQS program effectively, the division officer assigns each individual a specific qualification goal and designates the time frame expected for completion of the qualification.

Besides, the fresh water on your ship is made in the ship’s distilling plant, and it takes precious fuel oil to keep the plant operating. Mess Management Specialists com- pleting an authorized apprenticeship techniqye the National Apprenticeship Program will be awarded a Certificate of Apprenticeship Completion by the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training, Depart- ment of Labor.

The supply officer and the food service officer may, or may not, be one and the same; however, the officer designated as the food service officer is financially accountable and signs the general mess tecbnique.

The term customer includes military personnel, civilian employees, dependents, dealers and contractors, and the general public, as directed.

The food service officers should make their copies available to all supervisors. The term accountable food service officer includes officers of the line, the staff corps, or the chief warrant officer, but does techniqeu extend to enlisted members unless specific authorization is given by the Navy Food Service Systems Office.

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The basic mandatory requirements for foodservice clothing pertain to cleanliness and sanitation, not color. The purpose of these two programs is to make it possible for the Navy to maintain enlisted manning levels at the proper strengths to enhance career planning. High school completion or GED equivalency is required to participate in this program. The original key to this locker is in the possession of the supply officer. Collateral duties and command and community involvement should be listed in each evaluation if it is applicable.


The Department of Defense has established the total active federal military service requirement, referred to as TAFMS, which must be met before advancement to any given pay grade. Check the Food- Preparation Worksheet for instructions Accurate computations will enable you to prepare the proper amount of food Keep a record of the amounts of the various foods needed to serve each meal. Accordingly, it is important for you, as a senior MS, to have an established training program in your division.

When breakdowns occur, they are always handled by a Machinist’s Mate, Elec- trician’s Mate, or some other qualified person. Customers, aboard ship or at shore stations, send requisitions to the naval supply centers The naval supply centers ship the material, bill the customers for payment, and inform the ICP of the action The ICP keeps track of the naval supply center’s inventory of the item and buys or directs shipment of additional material to the center so that it will be available when customers request it If material is not available when customers request it and none is scheduled to arrive in time to meet the customer date, local pur- chase action is initiated by the user, or the request is forwarded to the ICP, which initiates purchase action or directs another stock point to make the issue to the customer.

Supply Organization 3. Thoroughly chill all fresh vegetables that are to be used uncooked in salads. Advancements are based on demonstrated proficiency in assigned duties, performance evaluation, recommendation by the commanding officer, and written examinations.

Finan- cial aid is offered through Navy Campus, as well as education specialists or advisors to assist Navy members in seeking new educational experiences. Cooking should end just as soon as the vegetables are tender.

According to ArticleU. Stock control Stock control functions include determination of requirements; preparation of requisitions; processing receipt and expenditure documents, and maintaining related files and records; performing financial accounting for material; accounting for material; maintaining related files and records; maintaining material catalogs, allowance lists, and technical publications.

Study the naval standards and the occupa- tional standards for Mess Management Specialist before you study training manuals, and refer to the standards frequently as you study. The commanding officer appoints the caterer except in those cases where the treasurer performs the functions of both the treasurer and caterer. Storage Storage functions include the receipt, storage, inventory, and issue of material; the maintenance of related files, as required; and the cleanliness and upkeep of assigned storage spaces.


A person who wishes to become a leader must be willing to make the sacrifices required of a good leader. Many candidates are content to homestead in a particular locale with a repetitive type of assign- ment rather than maintain a rotation of assignments that can be beneficial to the in- dividual and the Navy.

When several eggs are to be stirred, mixed, or beaten together, each egg should be broken into a small bowl so that it can be examined before it is placed in the large container. The courses are based on rate training manuals or on other appropriate texts. An abstract of the financial condition of the mess may be determined from this account at any time. At the same time, those not selected should not be discouraged.

These articles often discuss new ideas or work improvements that are of general interest to the supply community. Check through the index. In this chapter we will discuss the supply system as it functions within the Navy.

Do not just quote the book. Eliminate duplication and overlapping of effort between and within the military departments Improve the effectiveness and economy of supply service operation throughout the Depart- ment of Defense The following activities are under the manage- ment of the Defense Logistics Agency.

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The number of per- sonnel actually fed in the general mess and the actual cost of feeding personnel during the preceding year are noted. The primary factors that are considered technnique the selection board are as follows: The officer so delegated is designated as the food service officer, and as such is responsible for the administration of the general mess and should sign the General Mess Operating Statement NAVSUP Form Chart your division’s progress.

Understanding the function of the general career pattern fig. The outstanding leader will instill in subordinates the desire to be led, so that they will comply adts and support the policies of the organization whether the leader is present or not.

The leading MS should have access to these records for effective planning purposes. Another objective is to ensure that your customers are provided with wholesome, nutritious, and highly acceptable meals. Once you have identified the appropriate occupational standards, you should examine the latest Bibliography for Advancement Study, NAVEDTRA AJ, to see what publications are required reading with respect to the occupational standards.