Dentist Joseph Strauss leaves Prussia in the spring of and follows Captain of Dragoons Karl Eitel Friedrich Zephyrinus Ludwig von. Filip Florian. general Author: Filip Florian. Genre: Novel Romanian title: Zilele regelui; Translated by Alistair Ian Blyth. – Return to top of the. Filip Florian was born in Bucharest, on May 16, From through His third novel, Zilele regelui / Days of the King (Ia┼či: Polirom. ), was awarded.

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I would have enjoyed more focus on the story rather on the language wrapping. We acknowledge and remind and warn you that they may, in fact, be entirely unrepresentative of the actual reviews by any other measure.

It’s hard to find Romanian books that are really good. View all 7 comments. It was the ending however, that tacked on that extra half star for me because of what Joseph was willing to do for his largely estranged friend.

The Days of the King

Soon, even if no one glimpsed them anywhere, neither in the rays of the sun nor in the shade, they remembered the insufferable face of the overseer, their sole enemy. Beletristica cu iz istoric.

Oct 30, Stefan rated it liked it. He was not pushed away, neither when he unfastened the sixteen buttons, nor when he let the cloth and the lace glide down naked shoulders, nor when he suddenly roared with laughter, as though in his soul there was not enough room for all the things that had accumulated therein. From high above, Bucharest revealed itself in a way they could never have seen or guessed.

Trzymam kciuki za Angelusa! When the skimming didn’t seem to hinder my understanding any, I decided to stop reading. The Days of the King – Canada. Strauss, care dintr-un pierde-vara, client al bordelurilor nemtesti, ajunge in Romania, urmandu-si inaltul pacient, viitorul rege, si-si face un rost, deschizandu-si un cabinet pe Lipscani, la nr.

When at last they meet again, at the front, on the eve of a battle in the war against the Turks, he prefers to remain silent. Unfortunately the “aggressively dense” writing as described in the Literary Zikele review combined with reading an egalley made for a difficult and unpleasant regeelui The Days of the King by Filip Florian is a Romanian historical fiction that was published in translation in Things are tough all over.


I wound up giving up. Someone recommended this book to me, and I wanted to love it, but it just didn’t happen for me. The complete review ‘s Review:. Insecond editions of both books were printed. La un cu totul alt nivel, acesta este intr-o masura si romanul unei deveniri, filiip cea a regeli personaj principal, dr.

Before them was a long lane and the future, gentle and overrun with the flurry of drying sheets, as the dentist had been hoping, mysterious and resounding with the prattle of children, in the imagination of Miss Regeli, but first they would have to traverse the weeks at the tail-end of summer and, before that, to bring to a close that day which rested under the sign of fire, at least because it was torrid, if not because of the story of the devastating fire.

O carte dulce, dulceaga cu ceva coltisoare pe ici pe colo. Desi pleaca din postura unuia aflat in umbra si totala dependenta a ilustrului sau pacient, dr.

Somewhere towards the horizon, vague, hazy outlines could be distinguished, and the dentist leaned his elbows on the balustrade under the shingle roof. This book is set in the mid s in Flofian and tells the story of a dentist in Prussia who befriends a man who is then elevated to be the ruler of Romania and so the two relocate to Romania.

Filip Florian

Central though he and his rule are, Carol is not the primary focus of Florian’s novel, which instead follows Joseph Strauss, a German dentist who finds the prince’s favor the prince has serious dental issues which require repeated treatment and decides to follow him to exotic Bucharest and set up shop there. The global economic crisis impacts life as we know it, and viewed from Bucharest the effects reverberate in domains that include geo-politics and publishing in Romania and abroad, with the crisis at The Observer Translation Project as an instance of a universal phenomenon.

But I appreciated his innovations in this novel, like the cat whic I appreciate it very much for the perspective of my city Bucharest and the country at the beginning of modern Romania s to s. War is imminent in central Europe, but the company of a special tomcat, a guardian angel of sorts, helps him to overcome all dangers.

Trivia About The Days of the King. Unfortunately the “aggressively dense” writing as described in the Literary Omnivore review combined with zilfle an egalley made for a difficult and unpleasant reading experience.

Nov 13, Alina rated it did not like it. The book is superb on the first two but doesn’t quite succeed on zille third count though not read This is a book that has three main aspects – the historical situation of the Romanian Principalities from their union into Carol’s accession in to his becoming King of Romania inthe atmosphere of Bucharest and to a lesser extent the rest of the country at the times and the actual storyline of Joseph Strauss’ life as he follows the prince from Germany to Romania to treat his teeth.


Although they regeoui never ascended to the first floor of his redbrick house, Joseph decided one morning, while draining a cup of tea, that it was, at last, time for his two loves to meet.

The Days of the King by Filip Florian

Aug 21, Liviu rated it really liked it Shelves: But I appreciated his innovations in this novel, like the cat which is a character in the book and its poems wrote in the chairs’ tapestry. Joseph Strauss, a Prussian dentist and frequent client of the local brothel, follows a dragoon captain to Romania, where the captain will one day be crowned. Si pentru ca tot am tilip la referinte scriitoricesti, romanul musteste de pasaje realist-magice, precum cele care-l au in centru pe motanul Siegfried si ale lui “epistole” trasate cu ghearele in tapiteria fotoliilor, dar si diverse descrieri ce contribuie la atmosfera generala a romanului.

First edition Sugested English Title: The Days of the King – UK. Pentru mine, Filip Florian e un scriitor paradoxal si ciudat, din punctul de vedere al perceptiei, dar cu siguranta interesant. Books by Filip Florian. Pe de alta parte, “Zilele regelui” este si romanul unui fals personaj principal, titlul fiind deliberat inselator, el explicandu-se abia in ultima fraza flofian No trivia or quizzes yet.

Contemporary Romanian Writers – Filip Florian – Zilele regelui / The Days of the King

He simultaneously tells a fantastic, poetic story full of characters who are both out of the ordinary and completely unforgettable. Where was the plot? War is imminent in central Europe, but the company of a special tomcat, a guardian ange.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. They themselves could barely quieten their panting and their clothes were damp, under the armpits, at the chest, and who knows where else.