5-cycle control for single or multi-tank systems. Features & Benefits: Lead-free brass valve body for superior strength and durability; Continuous service flow rate. The Fleck is a rugged commercial/industrial water softener valve with the advanced NXT digital control and electronic meter. The inlet and outlet is 3″ for. FLECKĀ® 3-INCH CONTROL VALVE. FEATURES/BENEFITS. Lead-free brass valve body for superior strength and durability. Continuous service flow rate.

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Fleck 3900 3 Inch Commercial Duplex Metered Water Softener | Up to 280 GPM

Contact us about this product First Name. Vzlve copper pro-press; and galvanized. Skids have an epoxy primer with an enamel finish coat in safety blue.

When the valve is used for a water softener application a, or brine valve is used. The other control type is electro-mechanical. Once the volume remaining is zero, the display will start counting down the reserve volume and queue RGQ regeneration. Systems are Skid Mounted with inter-connecting piping and headers with tank isolating valves and bypass available for filters or softeners.

Typically, the valve is used on 10 inch diameter to 36 inch diameter pressure vessels. Even though they are more limited in scope than a commercial valve, the residential valves have versatility as well.


The Fleck commercial valve is a 1. Resin quantities stated in cubic feet. Typically, the valve is used on 30 inch diameter water softeners and above fleckk to 63 inch diameter. Fleck commercial valves have been the standard valve in the water treatment industry for many years.

Fleck 3900 3″ Valve (3″ Side Mount Timer) – FL39/18-SM-0.0

The valves can valvd configured to operate as a single unit or multiple units, which make the commercial Fleck valves very versatile and can be used in almost any application. Made of high quality, lead free brass for a long reliable life. When the valve is used for a water softener application a,or brine valve is used.

It allows for interlock Cat 5 connections flecm are used on a multiple unit configuration to prevent more than one unit regenerating simultaneously. When sizing units, use minimum capacity.

Fleck Commercial Valve Types, Uses and Descriptions | Robert B. Hill – Robert B. Hill Co.

The Fleck commercial flecl is a 1 inch valve, with a 1 inch inlet and outlet as well as a 1 inch distributor pilot. The Fleck commercial valve is a true 3 inch valve, with a 3 inch inlet and outlet as well as a 3 inch distributor pilot. Flec, Pentair improves these valves, the valve bodies may be manufactured with stainless steel or other materials. The valves come in pipe sizes of 1 inch, 1. Nelsen can assist you with job specifications, submittals, sales and engineering drawings, sizing, and selection of the equipment.


All units set at minimum salt settings. Home Resources Fleck Commercial Valves. All sizes for Resin and Brine tanks are in inches. Nelsen Fleck Commercial water softeners are designed for commercial applications ranging fromto 1, grains of hardness removal capacity at flow rates up to gpm.

Typically, the valve is used flec, 10 inch diameter to 24 inch diameter pressure vessels.

The Cv of a valve is the flow rate at a 1 psi drop. The Fleck commercial valve is a true 2 inch valve, flfck a 2 inch inlet and outlet as well as a 2 inch distributor pilot. The commercial valve bodies are made of lead- free brass and are either top mounted or side mounted.

Learn More Nelsen Commercial Skids are pre-engineered and assembled, offering you a low cost of installation with start-up quick and easy. Hydraulically balanced pistons glide effortlessly along noncorrosive spacers and seals to precise positions.

The electro-mechanical controller is not as versatile as the NXT controller but has been a very reliable controller. Operating temperatures range from 34 degrees to degrees Fahrenheit.