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Prepare and install one GE cargo parachute or three G cargo parachutes to the A cargo bag according to FM /TO 13C FM /TO 13C, 21 August , is changed as follows: 1. New or changed material is , c1. , c1. ARMY FM (FM ). AIR FORCE TO . This publication supersedes FM /TO 13C, 31 October FM /TO 13C

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IM-lnch cotton webbing not shown.

Repeat 3 until rows 3, 4, 5, and 6 are filled. Preparing the outer container. Bind the stacked containers and boards together with three 1 6-fool lengths of type X nyton webbing, three load binders, and six D rings.

Military Manuals Page 2

Preparing Containers Prepare eight milk-dispensing containers as shown in figure Approved for public release, distribution unlimited. Description of Load The 6-gailon milk-dispensing container is used as an expandable container for potable water.

The A- r 21 cargo bag uses either one G or one G 1 4 cargo parachute and a skid and honeycomb kit. Airdrop Equipment Update Reference: Remove all lifting stings. It is made up of a fiber board box and a plastic bag insert.


Full text of “Airdrop of Supplies and Equipment: Rigging Potable Water”

Positioning Honeycomb Position two by inch, two by inch, and two by inch pieces of honeycomb as shown in figure Center the A cover on the sling assembly with the outside of the cover down.

Y Attach the actuator assembly to the mounting brackets. As required ft Cover: Cross stack and glue the second layer of four 6- by inch pieces of honeycomb.

Cut two by Inch pieces of honeycomb. Therefore, maintaining Joint Inspection training program is no longer required for this equipment. Preparing Inner Container a. Center eight prepared 10-50-3 con- tainers on the cover. V Raise the suspension slings to their full length using a lifting provision not shown.

When rigged for LAPE airdrop, the drum is filled with gallons of water and weighs 2, pounds. Empty, the drum weighs pounds. Preparing Containers Prepare 40 containers as shown in figure Fold the excess webbing, and tie the folds to the load binder.

Through die rear shackle of the third drum. Honeycomb placed on platform CI. Through the front shackle of the first drum. Four drums are rigged in an A cargo bag, and four A containers are rigged on an 8-foot, type V plat- form for low-velocity airdrop.


FM Titles (Version 5.7, 6-21-01) Remarks A B

Preparing and Positioning Honeycomb Prepare and position the honeycomb on the platform as shown in Figure 5. A pumping assembly can be rigged with the load as an accompanying load. Emergency drinking water, fifty ouncecans Weight: Place one piece on each end p flush with the edges af the bottom first layer.

T Position the plvwood inside the cover. Description of Items The description of the unrigged items covered in this manual is given below: Expand the 10-5000-3 inner card- hoard container.

Drums positioned und lashed together CI. Reinforcing 10-5003- Case Reinforce the packing case with 1-inch filament-reinforced tape applied as shown in figure Projected publication date – Spring Y Raise the suspension flings to their full length using a lifting provision not shown.

The point of contact for this action is Mr. If the load varies from the one shown, the weight, height, and CB must be recomputed.