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This page contains the US Army Field Manual on Mobilization, Deployment, Redeployment, Demobiliztion. 21st Century U.S. Army Pre-Positioned Land (FM ) [Department of Defense] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is the latest . FM (FM ), Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT) (How to Fight). 15 Aug. FM (FM ). Military FM (FM ).

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Deployment encompasses all activities from origin or home station through destination. The Army must fk a wide range of capabilities while significantly improving its agility and versatility. APS are positioned as follows Figure Deployments involve three distinct, but interrelated segments:.

Replenishment is the process of replacing APL equipment lost or destroyed during the employment stage. Unless this publication states otherwise, masculine nouns or pronouns do not refer exclusively to men.

Enter Your Email Address. See Chapter 3 for additional information regarding ABS.

Crisis action planning, which begins with receipt of an alert order, can convert contingency plans into operations orders OPORDs as mission requirements become known. First, expeditiously unite airlifted unit personnel with pre-positioned materiel at APL sites. Two other surface transportation options are inland waterway and intercoastal waterway. The supported CINC’s requirements drive deployment planning. Detailed procedures are in Chapter 3.

War reserve stocks are acquired in peacetime to 100-71-2 increased wartime requirements. Since the end of the Cold War when the US reduced its forward presence overseas, the centerpiece of US defense strategy has been power projection.

Power projection assets are tailored to regional requirements and send a clear signal of US commitment.

The ability to assemble and move to, through, and between a variety of environments, often while reconfiguring to meet specific mission requirements, is essential to offsetting an adversary’s advantage in mass or geographic proximity. Administrative issue procedures may be used for stability operations or support operations. Deployments involve three distinct, but interrelated segments: It is a significant element of a larger deployment involving multi-modal operations.


NAP is authorized unit materiel, such as missiles and selected communications items, that for various reasons, cost, availability, sensitivity, unsuitability for storage is not authorized for storage at APL sites and must be brought from home station or elsewhere to complete the unit set.

A comprehensive list 1100-17-2 organizations and responsibilities is at Appendix A. This option requires arrival and departure seaports. Sign In Sign Out. Finally, rapidly move them to a tactical assembly area TAA.

Field Manual FM 3-35.1 Army Prepositioned Operations July 2008 (FM 100-17-1 and 100-17-2)

The APL concept 100-7-2 three essential steps. The process of unloading personnel and equipment from strategic or operational transport, marshaling local area transport if requiredand providing life support to the deploying personnel. This manual f, as an azimuth to align training, planning, and execution for the Army and its role in power projection doctrine. It also reduces the need for heavy lift assets during the critical “early entry” phase. Therefore, Army pre-positioned materiel around the world plays a critical role in rapidly equipping forces deploying to major theater wars MTWssmaller-scale contingencies SSCsstability operations, or support operations.

The process of assembling, holding, and organizing arriving personnel and equipment into units and forces, incrementally building combat power, and preparing them for onward movement; and providing life support for the personnel rm the units become self-sustaining. Critical surface transportation infrastructure elements include:.

For further information on deployment planning, see FM Sign In Sign Out. A unit that is equipped with APL stocks is not normally employed alone but fights as part of a division. However, on the basis of the tactical situation, regional CINCs can modify draw procedures to best rm the mission. Once made, the decision is difficult to change and affects the rest of the deployment.


FM Table of Contents

The unit sets consist of pre-positioned organizational equipment–end items, supplies, and secondary items–stored in unit configurations to reduce force deployment response time. Commission on Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Applications. If unavailable in theater, required lighterage may be available from APA assets.

Welke opties voor jouw bestelling beschikbaar zijn, zie je bij het afronden van de bestelling. Building a joint and expeditionary Army will require versatile forces that can execute smaller, shorter duration operations without degrading its traditional role in a major combat operation.

Operational project stocks are materiel above normal table of organizations and equipment TOEtable of distribution and allowances TDAand common table of allowance CTA authorizations tailored to key strategic capabilities essential to the Army’s ability to execute its power projection strategy.

APS are protected go-to-war assets and will not be used to improve peacetime readiness or fill unit shortages. It emphasizes maintenance and property 10-017-2 actions at the APL 10-017-2 rather than rapid issue of equipment and movement to the staging base.

Under administrative procedures, personnel inspect and repair equipment on site, they thoroughly inventory and hand receipt materiel, vehicles marshal in the vicinity of the APL site, and convoy serials depart for the TAA in orderly columns. Location of APL storage sites will significantly affect port selection.

Each stage is described below. Items not required because of host nation support.