Learn the biggest Mind Control technique there is to attract women: Fractionation Seduction!. So, you have read a bit about Fractionation Seduction, and you’re curious. You’ve I’m going to show you to use this technique to your benefit. The solution to that problem is Fractionation. With the Fractionation technique, you can short-circuit a.

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A post shared by Attract Pickup attractandpickup on Oct 8, at July 27, at 7: And when she rips to shreds in bed, bro? This totally works for women when used on men, too!

Fractionation Seduction Technique – Use At Your Own Risk

What I have fractionarion to you above is a special case of the technique when used in attracting women. Fuck all the haters. Toss cheaters aside, beat their new boyfriends ass to a pulp and move on.

How many times you need to do it is individual. Download the Fractionation Action Checklist and get yet another Mind Control trick not found in this guide. Only men with good intentions should even consider using this technique — and not very often. Here are some sample Fractionation hypnosis scripts which you can use:. I am skeptical but I would like to learn such techniques to save my marriage.


And I am a straight white male that grew up in a middle class family. I spent most of my younger years alone, struggling to meet someone special.

Any man would agree that the process of wooing a woman is not only tiresome, but also expensive. Thanks John for commenting this. Pickup Artists, eat your heart out”.

Now I am closing in on 40 and I techniqus the same hellish life I did 25 years ago. Glad you found this guide useful! August 4, at 7: I am sorry to hear this.

As a result, she almost never gets into trance. You can get her to talk about her positive experiences in different ways and indirectly. Not all men can just pull the hypnosis card on every woman.

Fractionation – How To Attract Women With Mind Control

Enter your best seductikn address and then wait to receive an Exclusive Invite to the Mind Control online Masterclass. The mind control technique targets certain weaknesses in a woman thereby making her subversive to whatever you want you bet this sounds great.

This technique is nothing but a form hypnosis.


Being the “Nice Guy” doesn’t pay for shit. But during her turn, let her describe the feelings. In the book, the fractionatuon had mentioned an obscure technique known as the October Man Sequenceand how it had the purported superpowers to make a woman fall in love in very short amount of time. At the very least, you would have damaged her emotional well-being somewhat.

Guys, fractonation learn from me how NOT to approach a woman. In regards to seduction, fractionation is a combination of psychology, hypnosis, and persuasion.

Please get in touch. November 27, at 7: Learn how to speak to tecchnique woman first and use your best non-verbal cues. Your email address will not be published.

Can you imagine how much time and frustration that it will save you if you know how to use this technique on women? It was pretty annoying, and I tried to brush him off.