You can view the PDF files conveniently online with your browser – just click the link. Alternatively, you can save the information so that you can refer to it offline. Find out all of the information about the FRAKO product: power factor control relay / panel-mount / programmable / digital RM Contact a supplier or the. (see Table 1, pages 15 to 17) The Reactive Power Control Relay RM is Relay RM Sales Programme Power capacitors for low voltage FRAKO.

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The voltage applied to the voltage path of the control relay is too small. The contact closes when either there is no mains voltage applied to the control relay or when an alarm is signalled.

The current direction is also displayed which is helpful during tests. On and off have the following meanings: The LED “Regen” indicates that generative active power is fed back into the mains. Control relay does not switch off all stages during times of low load Control relay is in manual or facility shut-down. Small number of switches, cyclic switching is enabled on all levels. The effects are illustrated by the two examples in Figure 6 and Figure 7.

The Control Relay RM allows the first three control outputs to be treated as fixed stages. The capacitor stages are too wide.

Frako RM 9606 Trafostation

If this ratio is exceeded by the 960 set for at least one minute due to harmonics and the resulting resonance phenomenon, the control relay switches off all stages which have been switched on. After the identification process the actual power factor appears on the display and the control relay begins to function.


Check the control circuit according to the circuit diagram and check fuses. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. When individual leaving this menu point the counter switching of the corresponding capacitor counters stage will be set to 0. In this case the LED “Regeneration” lights up.

FRAKO RM9606 Reactive Power Control Relay

The power factor cos phi display value is the result of a mathematical calculation, rmm ensures accuracy over the entire range down to values close to 0. If S1 k and S2 l are connected the wrong way around or the CT is installed in wrong direction, connection mode number must be added by 6. The control relay is in the read-only mode if above is not possible.

The control relay is electrically connected through a multiple 9066 terminal supplied with the relay.

In the case ffako other voltages or current transformers for which the primary or secondary current is not given, the response current can be calculated from the general equation: While waiting the switching counter of this stage will be displayed for a short moment. Preset up to three fixed capacitor stages which will be excluded from normal automatic operation. In automatic mode one stage is continually switched on or off hunting. Furthermore a sealing ring is supplied, which must be used when installing the control relay in switchgear cabinets and fraako of protection class IP In case of a capacitive cos-phi outside the band range the alarm signal functions as well.

High load change; The delay time was set too low. Crako the current of each capacitor stage with a clamp-on current meter. When setting “OFF” the alarm fraoo suppressed. By pressing the “Set” button again the display shows the actual power factor and the alarm marker “Ampere” no longer flashes.


The stage which has th exceeded the limit e. OFF” will appear on the display until the control relay has switched off the first stage after approx.

After voltage is restored the control relay switches the required stages on. The button “Set” must be pressed repeatedly until the “Harmonic” alarm no longer flashes. Faults 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Possible Causes Necessary Action Control relay does frao function, digital display remains blank.

Faults 8 9 10 11 Despite inductive load no stages are switched on when relay is in automatic mode.

If the reactive power portion exceeds certain threshold values, which the control relay has measured at the time of auto-adaption or are set as per section 5, a switching action will take place frzko the switching outputs. After this period the values can only be read read-only mode. After connection the short-circuiting bridge might have to be removed from the current transformer.

How to put out the alarm is explained in section 5. Mode of connection incorrectly Reset mode of connection. An alarm signal is also sent. If the identification process is not concluded within 15 minutes there is probably a fault.

Additionally all safety and commissioning instructions of the Reactive Power Control System are to be observed.

The control relay must be kept voltage free during wiring and installation works. When the apparent current falls below 0. If the current transformer ratio is not set the value displayed must be multiplied by the CT ratio.

All other stages follow according to their capacity. The discharge time can be dm between 5 and seconds.