Lukáš, together with Vodnář, are no novices when it comes to publishing and editing books by Franz Bardon. They are the team who, after years of research. At the end of April , during the Prague Hermetic Conference, our editor, Lukas Louzecky, had a talk about his recent discoveries about Franz Bardon. In , the spirit of a high Hermetic adept entered the body of a fourteen-year- old child named Franz Bardon, destined to become one of the most remarkable.

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Feelings, life and love are all aspects of the universal Water element as a fundamental attribute of the eternal spirit on the mental plane. Hitler also employed a number of doubles on various occasions as camouflage.

The Practice of Magical Evocation by Franz Bardon.

Chapter 2 Magical Aids Although a true magician can achieve everything with his own powers — which he has earned without any other help as a result of his spiritual maturity during his magical development — it is his choice to make extensive use of ceremonial magic and all the aids that belong to it. Generally, it has its physical seat in the chest, where the Air element is located and where it is at work. From the Publisher Initiation into Hermetics is the entrance gate to true initiation as it is the first key to the universal laws.

They also help every profession and trade, whether or not they are magicians. The physical world will somewhat loose its appeal, because it no longer will be able to answer questions which arise. The content of this book is not based on any speculative methods, but is the result of personal experiences and research of practical exercises by the author, which, up to now, was available only to a chosen few.


Franz Bardon – Wikipedia

Gefahren einer einseitigen Entwicklung. But the people were only given their religion in symbols no matter kind of religion they believed in. If a magician takes the magic wand into his hand, by making use of the wand he immediately establishes contact through his will with the spirit he wishes to evoke. It should however be mentioned that you cannot succeed in contacting these beings unless you have practically and successfully completed the first volume Initiation into Hermetics, or you must have at least successfully completed the eighth step.

He died on July 10,in Brno, also in the Czech Republic.

The Practice of Magical Evocation by Franz Bardon

You do not require a teacher, you are not required do learn another language in order to understand the terminology, and you are not required to change your religion or join any organization.

In general, its foundation is frantiseek particular belief, whether in the existence of God or of something else.

Since, with his microcosmic language, he is representing the deity, a true Kabbalist will never violate the laws of harmony. Bardon expands on this real possibility with the following advice Frabato The Magician is the introductory volume of a series of 4 books of the only complete course in Hermetics Alchemywhich is also commonly called the path of perfection or purification.

Frabato was the author’s stage name during his career as a performing magician, and it is Frabato who occupies center stage in the novel as well.

Bardon’s works are most notable for their simplicity, their relatively small theoretical sections, and heavy emphasis on practice with many exercises. In order to avoid much error, I will pay special attention to this subject so that everybody can separate the chaff from the wheat.

Many books have been written about the Kabbalah, but in practice very little can be used, since most of the original books were written in Hebrew. Unfortunately, Bardon’s posthumous manuscript was not ready for print, and therefore Rueggeberg Verlag had to revise it. Whosoever wishes to learn the subject of magic, must first learn all the effects of the lower laws of Nature before he can progress to the higher laws.


The Physical exercises stress physical health and development as well as the integration and use of the physical body feantisek physical environment. He can ask this being, or at his discretion, even coerce the entity to enter the form and to manifest externally.

This is only a fragment of a manuscript Bardon was working on but never completed. In the thought, its qualitative part appears to us as active.

Then the magician puts a handful of earth into a paper filter and after having added the talisman to it, rolls it together so that he frantisekk hold it in his hand. A learned man will be able to say a lot about magic, Quaballah, etc.

Franz Bardon Frabato

Magical Evocation contains detailed information about all aspects of magical evocation Hermetic Magic. They were the only ones who knew about the true teachings, but they guarded them with all their might. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Gardon Policy. But it is difficult to transform worldly-minded people into divine beings and put them in the path of Yoga.

There is also another kind of being, which is a being of the pure elements.