Congratulations on the purchase of your Freecom MusicPal. .. Insert the Freecom MusicPal software & Manual CD into your CD drive. Please. Music pal • Read online or download PDF • Freecom Technologies MusicPal User Manual. User manual for the device Freecom Technologies MusicPal. Online user manual database.

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Freecom MusicPal Manuals

After selecting the system language you want,you automatically move to the Settings menu. Your manual failed to upload Page 64 Freecom MusicPal4. Select Settings in your main menu after you have switched on the Freecom MusicPal. Freeclm can now change the device name by using the Navigate rotary knob. In order to avoid unnecessary inconvenience on your part, we suggest reading the quickinstall guide, instruction manual and any additional electronic and or printed manuals.

Mouse-click Update Firmware in the left-hand menu bar. Further information on this musicpao available under Extras Settings in this manual.


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Play Mode This function makes it possible for you to make settings for the Play mode. Mouse-click Now Playing in the left-hand menu bar.

Select Settings after you have switched on the Freecom MusicPal. Mouse-click network connections in the subsequent windows. With Browse, select the backup location of the firmware you wish to install. Yes to activate the freecomm boost.

When IP addressing first came out, everyone thought that there were plenty of addressesto cover any need. Connect the power pack to your Freecom MusicPal and plug into a power socket. Select Stock Quotes to add a new feed. Select the Line-out Boost menu item. Log into the web configuration of your Freecom MusicPal. If there is only one entry in the Favorites list, then the title of this ent.

This function can only be set jusicpal the Web interface.

Select Extras in your main menu. Page Freecom MusicPal 2.

Freecom Technologies MusicPal user manual – – Solve your problem

Page 61 Freecom MusicPal Functions3. Select the time you want the Freecom MusicPal to be activated.


Mouse-click Startup Sound in the left-hand menu bar. Configuring the Freecom MusicPal 1. Page 23 Freecom MusicPal Functions3.

Page 26 of Freecom Technologies Radio MusicPal User Guide |

After connecting up the two devices, you can now connect up the power supply to the Freecom MusicPal. Page 55 This feature gives you an overview of the firmware currently being used and also network information, such as the LAN IP address being used, the subnet mask, and so on.

Calling an RSS Feed: To do this you require an Internet connection and a web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Use line-out, otherwise remove this check.

Freecom on the Internet. Freecom is not liable for any loss or damage to these items. Page 12 Freecom MusicPal1. Mouse-click Bass Boost in the left-hand menu bar.