Vikki Wakefield talks about the process of writing her Young Adult novel, Friday Brown. wakefield. ‘They call me Friday. It has been foretold that. Friday Brown is the breathtaking second novel from the author of the award- winning All I Ever Wanted. Children’s Book Council of Australia Honour Book, Friday Brown [Vikki Wakefield] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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He takes her to the squat used by a group not really a gang of street teens who earn money however they can—begging, stealing—to pay their leader, Arden, who covers living costs. I view the first part brwon being fundamental in providing the reader simply with the backgrounds of each of the the street kids. Desperate and alone in the middle of a strange city, a voiceless boy with white-blond hair and silver eyes appeared from nowhere, stole her heart and took her home.

But that’s what makes her journey so mesmerising: If I had to describe Vikki Wakefield’s novels using one word it would be “fearless”. This book is incredible. Vikki Wakefield is an art form.

Two books out and she is right up there with the cool kids at the top. While the relationships she creates between these people is equally complex, they never quite got to the level I’d hoped for. Thanks for telling us about the problem.


Silence is the one who came closest to my heart. While friendships are being forged and the plot sails ahead into the unknown, there’s an Friday Brown is such a gorgeous and heartbreaking reading experience. Me, too I just have to read this.

The themes and subject matter may be dark, and the future uncertain, but this is far from being a novel without hope. Vengeance and mercy, harshness and love.

She earned them, every one. Silence whose story I wanted to know. Everything about this novel was authentic; the setting, the people, the feelings. The leader of these wakefisld kids is Arden who is neurotic but nobody questions her hot and cold attitude that borders on mental sickness.

Maybe it was the oddity of the story – it bounced from cursed destiny to grief filled contemporary to Wakfeield horror movie, with a dash of romance, – or the sometimes too elaborate prose, or the characters who felt like strangers to me even at the end – though maybe that was the intention? She was born in Adelaide and still lives and writes there.

Vikki Wakefield

The entire story builds to a moment of definition for Friday, a power struggle not just between characters but also within herself, a moment of choice with irrevocable consequences. Looking in a lot of wrong places, I might add. Multi-layered with painful stories of their own, the characters really are part of a big family; unconventional, but all they have is each other.


The Brown women were cursed. I never really got used to his name, I’m afraid.

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They ran from their pasts, from the family curse of I really liked this, but I did not love this. It has held me in it’s thrall, similar to Jellicoe Road. Friday has spent her whole life with her mum, never stopping long enough to make friends, never knowing any other family members.

It is, rather, an unflinching journey of the resonating relationships, losses, and discoveries that are all part of finding oneself.

This story deeply moved me. Friday forms a deeply strong and beautiful bond with Silence – the boy who found her all alone in the train station. Every time they came across a river her mother would strip off and dive straight in. Never needing anyone else but her mother wzkefield know her. Next time, I’ll open my heart and allow myself to be changed by this book too. His smile reminds Friday, for the first time since her mother died, that people can connect again.