The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-profit, multi- stakeholder organization established in to promote responsible management of. This website uses cookies to improve our website activity. Learn more I agree. FSC Nederland. FSC Nederland. FSC. Back; Waarom FSC? Back; 10 redenen. FSC stelt wereldwijde standaarden voor bosbeheer op, met daaraan gekoppeld een keurmerk. Basis voor deze standaarden, die per land of.

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InFSC began a pilot project with Fairtrade International FLO [43] to help community-based and small-scale timber producers get a fair price for their products and gain visibility in the marketplace. What are the key benefits? It claims that forests managed to its standards offer benefits to both local and wider communities and these are said to include cleaner air and water, and a contribution to mitigating the effects of climate change.

Posted on 21 november Retrieved 21 August Stop the Forest Liars: FSC Friday in took place on 24 September and the following week.

How much time and money are needed for this certification? Archived from the original pdf on 21 June FSC is a global forest certification system established for forests and forest products ; from the perspective of the WWF this voluntary mechanism can be regarded as one of the more interesting initiatives of the last decade to promote better forest management.

Network 5, highly qualified auditors worldwide with a vast expertise that is recognized by more than 36 national and international accreditation bodies. The exact number and distribution of ASI assessments takes a number of complex factors into account geographic areas, policies or products that carry increased risk and the number of FSC certificates handled by an accredited certification body, and is meant to ensure that the certification services delivered by the certifier meet the requirements of the FSC.

FSC has around members. Maintenance of High Conservation Value Forests HCVFs defined as forests containing environmental and social values that are considered to be of outstanding significance or critical importance.


Click to link to register a complaint: An Early Test and Future Prospects”. Basis voor deze standaarden, die per land of regio verder worden uitgewerkt, zijn de 10 FSC-principes voor goed bosbeheer.

The FSC transnational NGO network demonstrates theories of global governancemore specifically in governance network theory.

FSC Friday is a once-a-year-event dedicated to the celebration of forests around the globe, and the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide. FSC stelt wereldwijde standaarden voor bosbeheer op, met daaraan gekoppeld een keurmerk. They [Resolute Forest Products] cut last Tuesday and we interrupted them. Despite the increased level of concern on the run-up to the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro, tensions between the North and the global South over access to finance and technology for the preservation of forests protracted negotiations.

In addition, governments are forbidden keurmeek being members of the FSC and their only engagement with FSC is as land owners. FSC is a member of the International Social and Environmental Accreditation and Labelling ISEAL Alliance, [41] an association of voluntary international standard setting and certification organizations focused on social and environmental issues.

Forest Stewardship Council – Wikipedia

Tweets Tweets by Get2Better. Some critics [ who? FSC was established as a response to these concerns over global deforestation.

Reduction of environmental impact of logging activities and maintenance of the ecological functions and integrity of the forest. We asked them to stop until we have a meaningful consultation.

The certification costs depend on the size, complexity and organisation of your company. They put conditions on us. Why Choose Bureau Veritas.

Avoiding unacceptable sources – FSC CONTROLLED WOOD

If the forest management is not fully compliant, pre-conditions are noted which must be fulfilled before the FSC certificate can be awarded.

Tropical deforestation as a fssc concern rose to prominence in the s and can be somewhat attributed to a fight for action by environmentalists and northern countries over the need to protect tropical woodland. The failure of governments to reach any notable form of consensus in the form of an internationally reaching and legally binding agreement caused both disillusionment and an opportunity for change through the keurmekr of civil society and business actors to form “soft law”.


To control the continued implementation of FSC rules and procedures, every year ASI keurmmerk at least one office and one field assessment for each FSC accredited certification body.

labels & claims | FSC | Wijma

We offer the possibility of combined certifications to the largest range of recognized standards, bringing consistency, optimization and efficiency. Unacceptable sources include illegally harvested wood, wood harvested in violation of traditional and civil rights, wood harvested in HCV forests and wood harvested from areas where genetically modified trees are planted.

Combined services We offer the possibility of combined certifications to the largest range of recognized standards, bringing consistency, optimization and efficiency. With 80, clients in more than 14 0 countries, delivering overcertificates, Bureau Veritas Certification is the world’s leading certification body.

In other fec Wikimedia Commons. Quality-Certified Products and Rural Governance. Food and Agriculture Organization. SLIMF adapts the FSC system to the realities and needs of small and low intensity forest operations by offering special streamlined procedures, with less rigorous requirements for a number of its forest management criteria.

Houndmills, Keurmerrk, Hampshire New York: Consumers, companies, public authorities require more and more guarantees that harvested trees, paper and wood products come from properly managed sources. This includes an office audit and the witnessing of one or more trial audits in the field. The FSC Label is an example of the use of public purchasing power to create shifts in industry and regulate the negative environmental impacts of deforestation. That is a total shame Download the service sheet in PDF.

Mijn huisstijl laat ik voortaan drukken met FCS-keurmerk. FSC has three levels of decision making bodies: American Forest and Paper Association.

Non-profit organisations based in North Rhine-Westphalia International environmental organizations International forestry organizations Conservation organizations Forest certification Timber industry Forest conservation organizations Environmental certification marks Organisations based in Bonn establishments in Germany.