On December 28, Shinchosha published an update on its Twelve Kingdoms website (and also to Fuyumi Ono’s Twitter feed). Last year. Writer Fuyumi Ono reported on her official Twitter account on Monday that she is aiming to finish her new work in The Twelve Kingdoms novel. I found The Twelve Kingdoms several years ago when the original book series by Fuyumi Ono was being translated and published by the now.

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There aren’t even any crushes. Retrieved from ” https: Two other heroines of the series, Suzu and Shoukei, also are shown to have less than admirable moments; Suzu wallows in self-pity and Shoukei, who I discussed more in-depth last week, begins jealous and ignorant.

The novels were licensed in the United States by Tokyopop and the first four volumes were released between March and November as part of their Pop Fiction line. Four short stories set in Kei, Ryuand En: And yet, down in those impossible depths, she thought she could see tiny lights sparkling. Oct 20, Toni rated it it was amazing. Fue una total coincidencia esta lectura.

Twelve Kingdoms: Sea of Shadow v. 1 : Fuyumi Ono :

I will continue to the series as soon as I get my hands on the next book. Yoko was also a very compelling protagonist, showing her lose her trust in other And force her to re-evaluate her purpose and relationships, and you experience the journey with her. Ono originally concluded the series in with the Kasho no Yume book.

The line between mystery and fantasy grows more solid as Umineko enters its endgame.

Twelve Kingdoms: Sea of Shadow v. 1

I really enjoyed this aspect of the story because divine rule has always fascinated me. Yoko was lying on her side, cheek in a puddle, unable to get up, unable even to cry – when she heard a rustling in the underbrush behind her. She decides that she will help the Ever King rescue Keiki and rides with him and his special forces army.


Not a lot, but a few. She later worked certain events from this novel into the Twelve Kingdoms series. Legend of the Stone of Gelel Naruto the Movie: I ended up liking Yoko but my favourite character is the king of En same happened with the anime, some things doesn’t change.

The world that Fuyumi Ono creates has such amazing intrigue that just sucked me right in and I never wanted to leave. List of Twelve Kingdoms characters. If you need it my email for PM purposes it’s yascob09 gmail. Once Yoko figures out why she was brought to the Twelve Kingdoms, and comes up with a plan to rescue Keiki from imprisonment, the last couple of scenes feel rushed, like the author felt like they weren’t as important as the inner journey Yoko went through.

Men child rearing and women going to war and vice versa? Yoko is a good, perfect high school student in Japan. Otro personaje sumamente importante es Keiki. The moral evolution of her character, symbolized by her encounters with the harassing id of a monkey spirit, builds towards a profound and satisfactory resolve.

I loved where it went! Trivia About The Twelve Kingdo Her journey teaches her to both become self-r Yoko Nakajima is a Japanese high schooler. So Ono goes around the problem instead of hitting http: Oblivion video game soundtrack.

This book is amazing. Another year of anime has come and gone, leaving so many memories in its wake. Jan 16, Aaron rated it it was amazing Shelves: I had discovered this series years ago when my eldest brother bought this for me for christmas. To ask other readers questions about The Twelve Kingdomsplease sign up. Nov 11, Nate rated it really liked it Recommends it for: But she conquers it all.

And a matrilineal society can be just as misogynistic as one that is patrilineal. Another issue I had with the story was the half-beastling Rakushun’s role in the story. The books focus on various characters, meaning characters who were side characters in one book might come back in another as the star, fleshing out their stories further and the stars of one book will not appear at all in the next, but reappear in the one after that.


The series does not exclusively focus on one character, though the stories of Youko Nakajima, the protagonist of the first novel, and Taiki, the protagonist of the second book, are most prevalent in the series.

There were demons, myth and betrayal and action. Kingdomd habitant d’un village avoisinant? One of the major stories of the series centers around a girl named Youko Nakajima from Japan, oho is suddenly transported to the world of the Twelve Kingdoms and discovers her destiny.

Well if you are into Chinese mythology or action packed books this is the “unfinished” series for you. Hopefully, this year will bring more positive news on whether it will be scheduled for publication or not.

A great book based on the onp series Twelve Kingdoms or the series was based on the book, I am not sure which to be honest. I’ve put together a bibliography of some of the other available English translations the TokyoPop versions are out of print. Somehow landing in a foreign world after falling through the moon seems almost normal.

I love this so much! The story and the mystery behind what was happening to Yoko drew fuyjmi in. In the attempt to do so, Youko dulled her real opinions and personality. She is all on her own for a large portion of the way. Kodansha USA, the English publishing fiyumi of the company, has expressed that it currently has no interest in releasing further English editions of the Twelve Kingdoms series [5].