amending GCOR Rule to bring BNSF’s current rule into compliance . device capable of storing an electronic rule book. May I look. RULES APPLICABLE ONLY IN CENTRALIZED TRAFFIC CONTROL (CTC) ยท Authority to Enter CTC Limits Clearing Through Hand-Operated. SPECIAL. INSTRUCTIONS. RAILROAD. RULE BOOK. TIMETABLES. TRACK. BULLETINS. GCOR. NORAC. Federal Railroad. Administration. U. S. Department .

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However, the FRA will enforce whatever operating rules have been adopted. You’re going to need a user id and password to access the UP site. The GCOR is a good place to start but delete and add to it as you need to. A Passion for Steam. Dennis was a model railroader before his railroad career, and is the current acting vice president of the Folsom Eastern Railroad Company garden railway.

GCOR rulebook – contact info?

And since not every aspect of railroading is regulated, they add additional rules as needed. The rules cover employee responsibilities, signaling equipment, procedures for safe train movement, dealing with accidents and other topics that directly and indirectly affect railroad safety.

Obok signing up you may also receive occasional reader surveys and special offers from Garden Railways magazine.

Forms have been created with ease of data entry in mind. The result is the General Code of Operating Rules.

Here is a link. They will also assist you in getting the proper UP documents, either providing them directly or providing. There used to be a place called The Railroad Education Bureau which handled such stuff.

At present, most Class I railroads in the U. We can add forms for radio assignments, maintenance of way forms, or other forms that your railroad has created for your own use.

The Bellflower Cricket on a cold day. He says his wife Susan is the General Manager and President. Congratulations, and thanks for not trying to go out there and half ass try to run a railroad. Yes, GCOR and every other railroad rulebook is written to conform to meet the requirements of the 49CFR, but 49CFR Part covering operating practices does not mandate any certain rulebook, or even your testing regimen. Lessons learned from 20 years of operations.


Shortline Data Systems ROCSDispatch GCOR Edition

Here’s a link to the GCOR book: One reason IRM has its own rulebook is the GCOR not only contains large portions like the chapters on cab signals and ATC that do not apply, it is also silent on many things regarding steam and electric car operation. I would highly suggest that you talk gcot your local FRA representative. If you are gor to run rrule UP. About the author For more than 30 years, Dennis has been involved in the railroad industry, including the founding of a steam locomotive restoration project, starting a short line railroad company, working as engineer, brakeman and track maintenance worker on three railroads, providing employee safety and operations training, and teaching railroad career subjects at a community college.

Not critical though, only a suggestion. Build plywood tipper cars. Even rulebooks with identical phraseology could be interpreted and applied differently on different railroads.

Exactly and I’m not sure what the “grand” vision is for the museum as far as freight but once the line is reconnected they could if they want to stomach common carrier status, file and accept freight. By this I mean that the FRA is overworked and doesn’t want to get mixed up with RR museums, until forced to by accidents, lawsuits, and what not.

GCOR rulebook – contact info? Christmas in the backwoods. When a new rule book comes out a railroad will issue a new timetable full of changes and additions to the rule book.

Registration is Rulf and only takes a couple minutes. When a train or track car is occupying bok track, the operating limits are shown. UP crews can and do operate onto Rulf property with one of our people acting as a pilot.


The full set of GCOR rules is divided into 17 chapters. State Railroad Museum with tourist excursion ride. Where to purchase books, adopt the code, etc.

Western Railroad Discussion > GCOR rulebook – contact info?

Anything I say at best is a guess. I think it was in Omaha. If a switch is reported as being reversed, the dispatcher enters the person reversing the switch and the time operated, and the switch status will change to red with the time reversed listed in the left hand box. Form management screens in the dispatch system allow for easy viewing, editing, and closure of the forms. If it’s still UP urle I doubt that booi be able to operate on it without a huge amount of arm twisting and political pressure.

Better to have rules consistent with the connecting carrier than rules that differ based on which side of the property line you are on. Raised Railroad Feature Stories. This hasn’t been completely sorted out yet. Building Structures for Your Garden Railway. Assuming fule are working with volunteers, it will serve you well to encourage and instill a deep respect to booi need for adherence to the rules right from the start.

Some places require annual rules exams, we IRM require every two years.

The General Code of Operating Rules (GCOR)

You will wind up taking entire chapters of the GCOR out of service on your own property, not uncommon on many short lines. That way everyone only has one exam to take and pass. hcor

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