Among the factors that set apart Geocomfort geothermal heat pumps are cost effectiveness, efficiency, reliability, and unmatched quality. Further, a great thing . Certainly the ClimateMaster price is more attractive to me but it However GeoComfort unit costs about $ according to the sales rep while. GeoComfort geothermal systems are designed to harness the earth’s energy for Cost-Effective GeoComfort Geothermal Systems for Madison Wisconsin.

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Assuming both loop fields are installed the same The warranty for the GeoComfort is only 5 years I believe but you can purchase the extended warranty. There is a GeoComfort model to meet the needs of virtually any home in any climate.

Their service does count for something when I look at the bids but, like I said, 4 grand? I had posted a question regarding that after he mentioned the idea while we were talking.

I was confused by the same thing looking teocomfort the size vs. It would make sense for the manufacturers to get together and recommend a holding tank vs.

Or on new construction, we borrow whoever is already involved in the house construction for this. Olson Heating, Cooling and Appliance, has significant experience with installation and maintenance of GeoComfort geothermal heating and cooling systems.

He said I would only need a 50 gallon one tied into our 75 but I could go higher if I wanted. Discussion in ‘ Quotes and Proposals ‘ started by tigerFeb 2, One more thing, the water furnace contractor is charging an extra for the desuperheater and install which is part of the 4, difference. I’ll be in touch and again, thanks to everyone for all the help. I might give them a call and see what they might be able to work out but I also know, it is not really fair to the other guy to do that.


In fact, each and every GeoComfort unit undergoes rigorous testing before it is packaged for shipping. You Can Get a Geothermal Heat Pump with a Flexible Payment Plan GeoComfort has partnered with a lending institution that specializes in energy-efficient home geocomffort to offer flexible financing, so you could install a geothermal pride with no money down.

Still waiting for the 3rd contractor to show up. Oh, as to the factory labor rates, I read a post about that and it’s on feocomfort list. geocomgort


Disposables are nice because we like throwing things away. Our specialized component selection and advanced design gives GeoComfort systems a competitive advantage. Terms of a loan are available for 3 to 10 years. I was not aware the filters are not readily available like the standard ones.

Guys, Since the geocokfort tank is nothing more than a hot water heater not connected to electric, I guess it would be wise to watch for ads for a hot water heater now since the decision on who I will have do the work and then when the work is completed is going to be a while off. Learn About Financial Incentives. Do you already have an account? If non of the first guys have a second tank buffer but a desuperheater in their plans, stay away from them.

  101-68-8 MSDS PDF

We deal with WF, pricr yes, they are more expensive. Both are for a 2 stage system.

So far I’ve received 2 quotes on a geothern system with a desuperheater included. Couple these benefits with financial incentives and flexible financing options, and you’ll be able to make monthly payments on a new system with the money you save on heating and cooling costs. I have no issues over the quality of the units I saw on the Hydron side. Contact us at or fill out our online request for a no-cost, no-obligation appointment for a GeoComfort geothermal heating and cooling system.

Your name or email address: Total load is listed as 51, heat loss and heat gain. The sizing, installation and calibration of GeoComfort geothermal heat pumps or cooling systems impact performance, comfort and savings.

Having someone else do the power wiring is pretty standard.

help with quotes | GeoExchange® Forum

He said no one keeps their inside temp at 75 degrees and the outside winter norm listed as 0 degrees has increased since ‘ ECM blower motors are standard on all GeoComfort equipment.

One thing I noticed is the Waterfurnace unit comes with the electrostatic air filter you just wash and reinstall versus replacing filters for the other geoclmfort units.

My question is, which system is more efficient and has a better reputation in this field?