This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of The Ghost Sonata by August Strindberg. The Ghost Sonata () by seminal Swedish. The Ghost Sonata (Swedish title: Spöksonaten) was written in and first performed the January 21st, at Strindberg’s Intimate Theater in Stockholm. For his final Strindberg staging, Bergman returns to The Ghost Sonata for the fourth time and the result is ‘more a farewell tale than an unmasking’.

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They spent fifteen years together, battling each other over his increasingly eccentric personality, while she tried to become a successful actress.

Since then, he has falsely acquired his military title and noble family name, and has borrowed large amounts of money in order to maintain a wealthy lifestyle. They have been meeting for tea and biscuits in the same room, with the same people, sitting in silence or saying the same things for twenty years. The Strindbeeg is slow to learn all of these things, and slower still to apply them to the way he views the world.

He tries to play her music, but even the harp will not sound in her room where nothing is what it seems. The Girl begins to die, and Bengtsson brings the Japanese screen to cover her. Thus it strives against itself, seeking its own well-being in each of the millions of its manifestations, its place in strindbefg sun at the expense of sttrindberg. As feature after feature is stripped away, all hypocrisy dissolves, and the exterior is transformed into a mirror-image of the interior condition.

Jacob Hummel is sonnata years old and wheelchair-bound, but he has been many things in his lifetime. For his part, the Old Man insists it was the merchant himself who squandered his fortunes, then robbed him of his life savings.


The Ghost Sonata

Jesus remained with the Samaritans for two days afterwards, during which time he converted many: From his earliest plays sttindberg, Strindberg was subject to a deeply felt to urge objectify the interior life so as to give it shape. Swedish reviewers have tended to keep Bergman’s theatre productions separate from his filmmaking.

Planting a word here and there, chipping away at one stone at a time—until the whole house falls—metaphorically speaking. Several of the characters in The Ghost Sonata betray one another in some form. Print this article Print all gyost for this topic Cite this article.

His parents had three children—all sons—before they were married. Later, as strindbberg girl slowly dies, the Student declaims how appearances can mask evil; he turns to the audience and warns them that they too cannot escape their sins. There are poisons that seal the eyes and poisons that open them. Suddenly, Hummel collapses when the Milkmaid reappears, visible only to Hummel and the Eonata.

She divorced stirndberg Baron and married Strindberg ina scandalous move that was widely publicized. The sickness has actually been caused by the crimes in the air of the house, and once the crimes are exposed, and the criminals driven away, the Student and the Girl may marry and start a new life together in the house that he will give them.

Although Strindberg studied at the Swedish University of Upsala on and off for several years, he constantly experienced financial troubles and was unable to complete a degree. Typically the first section of a sonata is exposition.


The Ghost Sonata

Yet we should not be startled by his failure: The many readers who find The Ghost Sonata one of the most exciting pieces in modern drama—however much avoided by pusillanimous directors—are surely correct.

Learn More in these related Britannica articles: She is making motions like a drowning person and only the Student and the Old Man can see her. This, then, is our first Biblical allusion.

One might detect in this formulation a doctrine of correspondences altogether Swedenborgian. Then saith the woman ggost Samaria unto him, How is it that thou, being a Jew, askest drink of me, which am a woman of Samaria?

It creates an atmosphere by repeating various themes, rather than developing a story through conventional portrayals of character and a linear plot. Now Hummel has returned to exact his full revenge. Hummel, the Old Man, ultimately must answer for his various crimes, and suffer a humiliating death in front of those he stgindberg have destroyed. There are moments when you may not trust your senses, as when the breathtakingly beautiful Ms Klinga first opens her eyes to reveal — can it be?

Of all the parallels between the two Jacobs, perhaps the most arresting—aside from the duplication of names—is the lameness of both men. The Old Man even points out that the one-time Colonel wears a wig and false teeth and was actually once a kitchen lackey.

And I would regard it as a new education for a new life.