Gísla saga, an Icelandic saga set in northwestern Iceland and written probably before the middle of the 13th century, which tells of an outlaw poet, Gísli Súrsson . Directed by Ágúst Guðmundsson. With Tinna Gunnlaugsdóttir, Arnar Jónsson, Kristján Jóhann Jónsson, Þráinn Karlsson. From an authentic Viking saga, Outlaw. The Saga of Gísli Súrsson begins with a good old-fashioned Norwegian family feud in which a guy named Skeggi asks his carpenter to carve a.

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He had a wedded wife, and three sons by her. The story runs that Thorgrim the Priest rides to the ship, and buys of the captains wood worth four hundreds in woollen, and pays some of the price down, and promises to pay the rest.

At that time all the land round the west firths was settled.

The Saga of Gisli the Outlaw

But Bork was busy setting up their booth; for the two brothers-in-law had one booth between them, and they were always good friends. And when they come to Mossvale they see a train of men riding in the midst of the dale, and then a jutting crag hid them from their view.

The Saga of Gisli ” on Amazon. Auda, thou tak’st me for a fool! The thrall too ssaga in the house, for he had not heart enough to go out of doors in such a storm.

Gisli the Outlaw

Thorgrim hears the news, sets out immediately, catches them in their sleep and kills them both. There they land, and go to a farmer named Bessi, who dwelt at Bessastead. Berg is walking round town when buttonholed by a man, and tells who he is.

Such a deed of derring-do would long be borne in mind. The ebbed moments between action or drama seem to give little development to any of the characters, and the story is told in a sort of matter of fact manner throughout. Now Gisli takes the coin in two, and gives one half into Vestein’s hand, and the other he keeps himself, He bids him keep that as a token if anything befell them which they thought of weight.


Now Eyjolf sets off with eight men, gieli makes for Auda’s house in Geirthiofsfirth; but they do not find Gisli there, and now they beat all the thickets thereabouts, and still cannot find Gisli. They go to the booth of Thorkel, as to see his sword, and promptly behead him!

Gisli turns short away to the byre. Thank you for your feedback. One stalwart blow before I die, A brother’s blood aloud doth cry.

gizli They see now that Thorkel lands and sits him down while his men bore the lading from the ship as the tide rose. Early the spring after, Bjalf fitted out his ship for Iceland.

He would not say what dreams he had, though men asked him. Thorkeil Asga welcomes them and father Thorbjorn Sur whey builds a farm at Saebol. Dom rated it it was amazing Jan 18, Sometimes, too, Glsli have had my life in peril for her sake, but now she deals me this death-blow.

To make a long story short, they met on the island, and the end of their struggle was, that Ari fell; but ssaga Bearsark was not wounded, for no steel would touch him.

He was near akin to Kolbein, and in his house Thorkel stayed. May 29, Therese added it Shelves: So now that summer glides by, and Gisli abides in his earth-house, and is wary of himself, and does not mean to go away any more. Gisli went out after them, and so they all walked along together. Ingjald has an idiot son who is chained to a millwheel and left to graze, and two slaves.

She bade him stay there and be happy: It chanced one night that summer that Gisli suffered much in his sleep. It may be due to my ignorance of this type of poetry, but I have read verses in other sagas and had no trouble with them. That they would not stand, and fell on him, and slew him there and then. He said he will find room for every one who asks him prettily. He goes down to the brook by the path, and then wades along it to the other path that led up to the other farm.


There are curses and witchcraft and outlaws and such. As is custom, he marries the widow of his predecessor, a woman much older than he is.

Add the first question. Two young men also lived in Surnadal from different families and the same age as Thorkel, Gisli and Ari — namely Bard and Kolbjorn.

This store-room Gisli had built some years before, and made it in such wise that every plank had been cut asunder, and a loose panel left in the middle, and on the outside they were all fitted together, while within they were held by iron bolts and bars, and yet on the outside gisl planks looked as if they were all one piece.

After that he arose and went out and greeted Gisli. Eyjolf is ferried back to the mainland, alerts Bork who sets off with a gidli. The lads said they would be very glad visli he would take them under his wing and teach them wisdom. Is he turning into Egil Skallagrimsson? Now all is quiet, and Gisli goes again to Thorgerda, and is with her another winter.

Gisli, at the neighbouring farm, also organises a feast and invites all his kin. After that he goes to the dwelling-house, and Geirmund had done his work well, for there was not a bolt to any of the doors. Gisli stays with Ref half a month, and after that he aaga away.

That was where he got in.

The Saga of Gisli the Outlaw by Anonymous

This was thought a most shameful journey for them; and Eyjolf stays at home all that autumn. There was an Easterling too, named Thorgrim, who went with them. I’ll have to admit that I read this book in school. All o’er the Thing, with ‘bated breath, Men mourn for Thorkel done to death.