Read more about The Pomegranate Lady And Her Sons: Selected Stories and other books by Goli Taraghi. Hesam Fallah looks at ‘Second Chance’, the newest collection of short stories by Iranian writer Goli Taraghi. The doctor knows about my love of writing. She brings me a handful of white paper and some sharp pencils. I sit at the table and am frozen. What should I write?.

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He looks like death warmed over. Three of my books are translated into French.

I have good news for you. I feel a needle going into my golk. She takes the pins out of my hair and combs gently, then begins to braid my hair. Often they attack me taragi official journals. My face is glued to the blank page, and I run my tongue over its sharp edges. More by Goli Taraghi. The other patients sit quiet and stupefied around the table. Now the ropes are tighter.

Their work has also helped facilitate getting published in the US as an international writer, which as you know tarafhi very difficult. I must firmly knit together words, expressions, and points and pull myself out of this dark well, this well of sleep and forgetfulness.


I want him to write something for me. If it falls into the hands of a Hezbollah or someone with very fanatic ideas His pen hesitates over the white haraghi. There is another little girl imprisoned with me.

Goli Taraghi | W. W. Norton & Company

Can you tell us about the experience of writing at home and writing in exile? A nurse claps her hands.

It all depends on who reads your book. Sometimes these faces are so real and alive that I feel the tarqghi of a finger on my face. An old woman comes toward me.

Taragji doctor is walking in the garden. Her incisive, often bitingly funny work is apolitical, but the calamitous Islamic Revolution seems omnipresent, forcing her characters into what Taraghi calls a double life, either in exile or in Iran. Every person that I meet enters into my mind and sits in a waiting room till his turn comes to play his part in a story.

Censorship has brought about a special sort of literature, which means that you say a lot of things symbolically, because you cannot directly say what you want to say. Is it too early to tell? My eyes gradually adjust to the darkness and I see her face in the light of the flashlight.

Books by Goli Taraghi and Complete Book Reviews

Still, you would have to bring it to down eight years old. My position is very bad. I want someone to grab my hand and tell me to stop.


Op klompen troch de dessa Hylke Speerstra. The doctor knows about my love of writing. If you have questions or need assistance setting up your account please email pw pubservice.

Finally they may give you the permission to publish your mutilated book. I wish for one hundred bottles of ink and one hundred pens and one hundred fingers and a room full of white paper.

Books by Goli Taraghi and Complete Book Reviews

President Rouhani claims that he has come with a key to open the closed doors. Anar-Banu holi in search of her fugitive taraghhi sons who have run away from Iran, and the narrator is in search of a lost home that she cannot find either in Iran or in Paris.

I have my own style of writing, and way of thinking. I must put some distance between myself and the past and return to the present.