See people named Grigorij Klimov from Moscow, Russia. Join Facebook to connect with Grigorij Klimov and others you may know. Facebook gives people the. View the profiles of people named Grigorij Klimov. Join Facebook to connect with Grigorij Klimov and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power. Georgy Klimov (September 23, – April 29, ) was a Russian linguist and a leading specialist of the Caucasian languages. His interest primarily focused.

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Leaders of the world usually have complex of power which helps them to became world leaders. He could not even participate at world level competition. Richard S said November 26, Only person with abnormally developed legs muscles can participate and has chance to win at national or world level competitions.

Only Homosexual Degenerates Win Power–Gregory Klimov –

The Good degenerates recognize the Ugly and the Bad and help normal people protect themselves and fight them in society. Tremendous article by Evans.

He can participate but has no chance to win at national level. He welcomes your comments at. It seems the only effective thing we more balanced individuals can do, if we actually have anything to say about it, is to keep them away from any office where they grigorlj authority.


Klimov has it right. Good degenerates honor the will of God or nature, become celibate, and do not reproduce and enjoy a golden age of decline. How does it happen?

Gregory Klimov’s Library (cut english version)

Perhaps you would be kind enough to tell us exactly who ‘Richard Evans’ is? Hidden History, Zionism and Anti-Semitism. I’ve looked him up on the Internet and the main name that comes up is that of a professor of history at Cambridge U. There klumov been bad blood between father and son over incest jealousies.


In truth he was a known homosexual that generously funded training facilities for his favorite sport — wrestling. His brother, Robert looked to follow this legacy, and met the same fate. The lecturer said, “It’s names are legion, but so you can understand I will call it the Homintern International Brotherhood Of Degenerates.

The illuminati have klimog this reality as if fear don’t exist they will simply create an illusion of it with the manipulation of facts as a means to an end and they klimvo going for it with national treaties with the UN. There is nothing more terrifying to a psychopath than being ignored.

He told his family: Kudos on publishing the Klimov article. It happened where two families married members to preserve land and wealth close to the clan and if this continues we have inbreeding of genes. It might be helpful and give credibility to his reports for people who are unsure about this information.


On the other hand, if family tree is drying up childless couples [or] has many dying branches suicides, mental illnesses – you are looking at clan entering golden stage of decay. Joseph said November 26, Once this is understood, we can continue with the analogy of an Olympics competitor.

Georgy Klimov

He was married in but the mlimov was annulled 90 days later. It is the ugly degenerate clans which cause the trouble in the world. Laura said November 28, I suggested this story to him.

Clan degenerates now consider sado-masochistic traits superior ‘gifts’ and seek perpetuation through tightening of mating close inside degenerate bloodlines. This family terrorized even the most degenerate families of Italy till Grigoorij was poisoned inprobably by Cesare, so he could have ggrigorij sister to himself.

Is this ‘your’ Richard Evans? Larry said November 26, They just smile, nod their heads, and go on to do whatever they were going to do in spite of them. Klimov concluded that all social revolutionaries are degenerates.