Gurmukhi Primer For The Beginnners – Book By Shamsher Singh Puri. Introduction to the Book. To save the most precious wealth of our nation, we must teach. demand for learning the Panjabi language, this Panjabi Primer is scientifically designed after a The Gurmukhi alphabet has 35 letters and 5 sets of vowels. This one is fantastic! Do you know how great it is for an adult to have a big, bright chart. I can bookmark this, and load it up a couple of times each night. Sit back.

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Words used primeer this kaida Gurmukhi alphabet primer were chosen from the Guru Granth Sahib, as well as several other Gurmat sources. Where can I purchase this book in Jalandhar, Punjab or India? In keeping with the gender equality inherent to Sikhi, many gender-inclusive touches were included. However, as with the previously-mentioned segment, this section may not get the adult usage it deserves.

The effort on the part of the book’s creators to locate each word as used in Guru Granth Sahib was a highly laudatory one. Regarding matters of a more technical nature, the explanation on the “colophon” page about transliteration and the “Sikhri” font may, in some cases, assume too much background in linguistics on the part of the adult facilitators. Punjabi is a divine language and we gurmukni all primeer well acquainted with it. A page of suggested activities is placed in a prominent place, right before the start of the main section of the book.

To help us distinguish between comments submitted by individuals and those automatically entered gurmukhii software robots, please complete the following. I want to learn it. I would like to be in touch with the group behind this venture. Words not depicted through the use gurmuihi human beings are also shown in a uniquely Sikh way.


It is a proud day when we can say that our children are growing up in an American lifestyle that is infused with the rich values of Sikhi, and especially knowledge of Gurmukhi.

This is an imaginative and comprehensive list of instructions, which adults will find easy to comply with; children will surely enjoy the results! This book can be obtained at: While the considerable motivation it assumes on the part of the adults may indeed be present, this may not be the case with the Gurmukhi reading ability and access to Guru Granth Sahib also required. I read this article a few months back, and I am glad to come back today with a record of positive results.

It enables them to explore their curiosity as they learn our mother-tongue. This is a lovely children’s gurmulhi, meant to introduce youngsters to the letters of the Gurmukhi alphabet through the use of Gurmat-based vocabulary.

Gurmukhi Primer

How can I do this? If you would like to be in contact with the institute about the book’s content or to purchase one, please e-mail us at info sikhri. Ideas embodying more abstract qualities, such as “emotional pain”, and concepts of a strictly Sikh nature, such as “Name” i. For example, “enemy” is represented by the Panj Dootwhile “duty” enumerates NitnemSevaand helping others.

All the people are shown as Sikhs who are observant of the full discipline of the faith, with suitable head-coverings and dress, beards where appropriate, etc.

We have the opportunity to live out the dreams of two different worlds and “My Gurmukhi Khajana” is the bridge that connects them. Not surprisingly, they strongly emphasize Sikh principles and traditional lifestyle. I am pleased to say that I have a nephew who has just learned to speak Panjabi; for example, when he goes outside, rather than saying “sky” or babbling undecipherable gibberish, he points up and utters “asmaan”. Sikhchic reserves the right to edit or remove content gurmukyi any time.


The illustrations depicting each word are beautifully rendered in an appealingly child-like fashion. For example, a woman is among the three soldiers in “army”, the police officer in “stick” is a female, and the “warrior” is a Mai Bhago look-alike. It will certainly be unintelligible to the young children, themselves.

| The Art and Culture of the Diaspora | My Gurmukhi Khajana

Furthermore, its physical placement, in small-sized type on the bottom of a left-hand page, may unfortunately result in this important explanation being entirely overlooked. I am learning Gurmukhi.

To relate our children’s education with Gurbani and Sikhi is an excellent idea. According to the book’s creators, this was deemed an important way of familiarizing children with terminology from the Sikh sacred scriptures.

Gurmukhi Primer For The Beginners

It is sad to notice that many Sikhs in Northern India and elsewhere prefer speaking in Hindi while ignoring their beautiful mother tongue. All information will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy. These caveats aside, My Gurmukhi Khajana remains an undoubtedly valuable book, especially when used, as its creators intended, as a supplemental resource with the Sohji elementary school curriculum.

Conversation about this article 1: If it were not for our Gurus introducing Gurmukhi script, Punjabi would have become a forgotten language and long been dead, the same end all oral langauges have.

Similar difficulties might be encountered with the Appendix.

It’s very good, but remember that where all of this comes from is under Indian goverment contol: