Title: GURPS Lite (Fourth Edition), Author: gabrielvidal, Length: 32 pages, Published: Resumo das regras de GURPS 4ª edição. Resumo. GURPS Basic Set: Characters (Fourth Edition) (GURPS 4ª Edição Módulo Básico : Personagens (Brazilian Version)) Image Gallery. Sort: Recent, Hot. | Date. and the introductory version of the rules, GURPS Lite, is available free online! GURPS Fourth Edition Revision by DAVID L. PULVER and SEAN M. PUNCH.

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However, you must give specifics. Roll again each time you suffer injury equal to a further multiple of your HP, whether as a result of ericao wound or many. If you make the roll and open the lock, each point by which you succeeded shaves five seconds off the required time. Higher scores cost points: The Encyclopedia of Fantasy.

This is the ability to serve as crew aboard a large vehicle. If you are lying prone or face upyou must take a Change Posture maneuver to rise to a crawling, kneeling, or sitting posture first.

You may hurry the jump, but your roll will be at -1 per second of concentration omitted.

List of GURPS books – Wikipedia

To notice something using a given sense, roll against your Perception score. They do not require roleplaying, but they give specific, minor penalties in play. A weapon can normally fire fewer shots to a minimum of 1if you wish, but some special notes apply: A formal Code that applies all the time, or that requires suicide if broken, is worth points.


If you survive, you must roll again at HP, HP, and so on. Body odor, constant scratching, or tuneless humming would give -1 to reactions, and are worth -5 points apiece. If PCs are involved, ties go to the highest DX. To qualify as a mental quirk, a personality trait must meet one of two criteria: The more common an object wdicao situation, the greater the point value of a fear of it. Any sort of spear, javelin, etc.

List of GURPS books

Characters also have a TL, equal to that of the technology with which they are most familiar. After every minute of top-speed swimming, roll against the higher of HT or Swimming skill. There are several ways to approach this.

Superhuman characters get good defaults, but not super ones. Treat a thrown weapon just like any other ranged attack.

GURPS Lite (Fourth Edition)

Will is equal to IQ. Thus, Diplomacy is relatively safe. The modifier to all active defense rolls. Each character attempts his success roll. Click on a cover to go to that product’s page.

GURPS: Generic Universal RolePlaying System

When a rule tells you to add or subtract your encumbrance level from a die roll, this is the number to use. You cannot take a disadvantage that one of your advantages would mitigate or negate!

To add gurpss advantage, you must pay the appropriate character points. Soldiers and Scientistsby Phil Masters, now has an editor. The GM will assign a point value to your Sense of Duty based on the size of the group you feel compelled to aid: A second Change Posture maneuver lets you stand from any of these postures. Subtract this from any blow that strikes the armored location. A continuing series of adventures.


You might actually get hurt — or even worse, killed!

Aim This is maneuver is used to aim a ranged weapon or a device such ediccao a camera or telescope. On a success, you start the fight in an advantageous position — e. See Reaction Rolls p.

To find this, see the relevant weapon table. Your Dodge defense see Dodging, p. Now you need to determine your position in your society: If you have at least twice the listed ST, you can wield it one-handed with no readiness penalty. A character may get rid of most beginning disadvantages by buying them off with points equal to the bonus earned when the disadvantage was taken, as long as the player and GM can agree on a logical explanation for this.

The combatant with the highest Basic Speed goes first and takes his turn, then the one with the guurps Basic Speed, and so on, in descending order by Basic Speed.