At the back of the book there are some really interesting recommendations for fighters (zercher squat & deadlift, stir the pot) Pavel then says. Pavel sets us straight with his own list article of ab training mistakes. He ended up winning the “Best Abs” award and, more importantly. The highlights of Pavel’s HardStyle Abs program: Why high reps have failed you- and the secret sauce that will have your abs tuned for heavy action all day long.

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So when I looked at the Janda situps with the towel the first thing that came to my mind was. Gary rated it really liked it Aug 13, Is THIS popular belief a muscle building-myth that will hinder you in your quest for ripped abs?

Allow up to two business days for this process to be completed. Please type your review in the space below characters left. After years of dedicated research and experimentation, Pavel has hardstylle three “killer” drills, as all you need to achieve this level of mid-section mastery. Want watery, bloated muscle OR cobra-like, “fist-of-fury” muscle?

Hard Style Abs: Hit Hard. Lift Heavy. Look the Part by Pavel Tsatsouline

Already, my ugly lumbar rounding at the bottom of my squats is gone. Your City to accompany the review.


I have been waiting for a reboot of Pavels abdominal work for quite some time. I finished it past midnight, and am already beginning another read.

Go ahead and try it today. Sean rated it it was amazing Nov 14, The six-pack is just a side effect of the coiled power with which you now operate. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. I’ve attended nearly hours haardstyle Dragon Door workshops, certifications and miscellaneous training and have nearly the entire library of Dragon Books and DVDs.

Hard Style Abs: Hit Hard. Lift Heavy. Look the Part

Joel rated it really liked it Nov 07, The book is sharply edited, has great, clear photos, and is well-footnoted for anyone who wants to geek out on the physiology references. How abx add greater elastic springiness to your abs—for a WAY more powerful midsection…Page Are your snarling abs being smothered by a pillow of fat?

Clear, simple,precise and effective.

Jonathan rated it it was ok Jul 16, THIS major improvement to the original Janda Sit-up has been documented to generate significant extra power…Pages Scott Whetsell rated it really liked it May 02, THIS cruel twist will further torture your abs when you have the strength to take it on…Page Please enter a headline to appear with your review.


I have to add that the picture of Pavel with the I love Pilates sign is awesome! After my first RKC I assisted at 3 others-and something extra was taught each time about using the midsection I refuse to say “core”.

HardStyle Abs Book | Dragon Door

THIS little-known secret helps elite gymnasts develop their amazing upper body strength…Page How to safeguard and strengthen THIS vulnerable spot—and see a dramatic increase in training intensity…Page This validates his approaches-they are not polluted by current trend, political correctness, financial gain or ego. Uardstylewe would go out of business if HardStyle Abs paperback didn’t work, the way we said, right?

The hanging leg raise is interesting but out of my ability for now. From the age of about 16 to 35 I trained 6 times a week. Harvstyle Abs will give you impenetrable body armor—to withstand a direct hit of the greatest magnitude.

Like many other of Pavel’s writings, this book contains many ‘”Bang for your Buck” nuggets of information.