In our blog you will find the information about Hippodamus of Miletus, his city plans and the famous cities established according to his plan. According to Aristotle, Hippodamus of Miletus directed the rebuilding of the Plato and Aristotle in the field of political theory, Hippodamus is an interesting. Hippodamus of Miletos (or Hippodamos, Greek: Ἱππόδαμος ο Μιλήσιος) ( BC — BC) was an ancient Greek architect, urban planner, physician.

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Next draw a line from the point of intersection D through the centre of the circle to the circumference and call it E F. With this bent ruler I draw a line from top to bottom; from one of its points I describe a circle with the compass. Taking A as the centre, open the compasses to the point B, which marks the shadow, and describe a circle. That pasturage and food may indicate the healthful qualities of a site is a fact which can be observed and investigated in the case of certain pastures in Crete, on each side of the river Pothereus, which separates the two Cretan states of Gnosus and Gortyna.

The Greeks were the first to use solar architecture They oriented their houses to make use of the sun during winter, while obscuring its rays during summer and entire cities were built this way as early as BC.

But a stock of wood, which is absolutely necessary for cooking food, is a difficult and troublesome thing to provide; for it is slow to gather and a good deal is consumed. Thus Eurus is placed to the southeast between Solanus and Auster: There are cattle at pasture on the right and left banks of that river, but while the cattle that feed near Gnosus have the usual spleen, those on the other side near Gortyna have no perceptible spleen. An instance of this may be found in the Gallic marshes surrounding Altino, Ravenna, Aquileia, and other towns in places of the kind, close by marshes.

Again, if the town is on the coast with a southern or western exposure, it will not be healthy, because in summer the southern sky grows hot at sunrise and is fiery at noon, while a western exposure grows warm after sunrise, is hot at noon, and at evening all aglow. In De architectura libri decem Vitruvius also mentions that in planning we have to consider the influence of the winds. From the four points thus obtained draw lines intersecting the centre from one side of the circumference to the other.

Such a site will be high, neither misty nor frosty, and in a climate neither hot nor cold, but temperate; further, without marshes in the neighbourhood.

Town/City Planning in Ancient Greece

Again, if too much moisture enters the channels of a body, and thus introduces disproportion, the other elements, adulterated by the liquid, are impaired, and the virtues of the mixture dissolved. Hines College of Architecture at the University of Houston, for bringing the story of Hippodamus to my attention. Hippodamus, the son of Euryphon, a native of Miletus, the same who invented the art of planning cities, and who also laid out the Piraeus—a strange man, whose fondness for distinction led him into a general eccentricity of life, which made some think him affected for he would wear flowing hair and expensive ornaments; but these were worn on a cheap but warm hpipodamus both in winter and summer ; he, besides aspiring to hhippodamus an adept in the knowledge of nature, was the first person not a statesman who made inquiries about the best form of government.


Today, a grid for the ages.

Hippodamus of Miletus

If the livers of the first victims were dark-coloured or abnormal, they sacrificed others, to see whether the fault was due to disease or their food. The principle governing the actual construction of temples and their symmetry I shall explain in my third and fourth books.

For example, Mytilene in the island of Lesbos is a town built with magnificence and good taste, but its position shows a lack of foresight. This was Hippodamus greatest achievement: During his first five years in power Alexander captured five major cities and many smaller ones.

The catapult played a key role in making urban life in the fourth century B. Hippodamus’ name is frequently associated with other orthogonally planned towns, such as OlynthusPrieneand Miletus. Werner Soedel and Vernard Foley Ancient Catapults Hippodamus arranged the buildings and the streets of Miletus around BC such that the winds from the mountains and the sea close to Miletus could flow optimal through the city and provide a cooling during the hot summer. Other cities of the ancient world followed his methods.

Aristotle essentially foreshadowed the inherent tension between private rewards for social benefits – the potential hippodsmus between individual and societal interests. It appears, then, that in founding towns we must beware of districts from which hot winds can spread abroad over the inhabitants.

Hippodamus |

And this led early scholars to conclude that Hippodamus earned his reputation as inventor of city planning by devising street grids. Hippodamus first applied to his home city the grid plan which he had developed on inspiration from geometrically designed settlements, and that later many cities were laid out according milftus this plan.

The Macmillan Encyclopedia of Architects. And, if politics be an art, change must be necessary in this as in any other art. If hjppodamus was wrong, the only result will be that the individual winds may blow, not with the scope expected from his measurement, but with powers either more or less widely extended. Hippodamus was born in Miletus and lived during the 5th century BC, og the spring of the Ancient Greece classical epoch. Aristotle objected that at least part of every city should preserve the haphazard arrangement of earlier times to make it more difficult for invaders to fight their way in.


He appears in one comedy of Aristophanes, The birds: The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed. Encyclopedia Britannica The arrangement of private dwellings is considered to be more pleasant and more convenient for other purposes if it is regularly planned, both according to the newer and according to the Hippodamian manner; but for security in war [the arrangement is more useful if it is planned in] the opposite [manner], as it used to be in ancient times.

Another city planner was Deinocrates of Rhodes who worked as an architect for Alexander the Great. Keskin Color Kartpostalcilik Ltd. Further, what use are farmers to the city? Martin ; Placzek ed. Mercury should be in the forum, or, like Isis and Serapis, in the emporium: Similarly, persons removed from cold countries to hot cannot endure it but waste away; whereas those who pass from hot places to the cold regions of the north, not only do not suffer in health from the change of residence but even gain by it.

The fact is that in sieges everything else is easier to procure than is wood. For urban planners, one name in particular comes to mind: According to this study, neighbourhoods of around 2, m 2 blocks were constructed where small groups of 2-floor houses were built.

But overall, the borough is made up of nice, orderly, rectangular blocks.

Yet, if the two other classes have no share in the government, how can they be loyal citizens? It has been doubted whether miletuw is or is not expedient to make any changes in the laws of a country, even if another law be better.

Town (or Urban) Planning in ancient Greece

Therefore, if all this is as we have explained, our reason showing us that the bodies of animals are made up of the elements, and these bodies, as we believe, giving way and breaking up as a result of excess or deficiency in this or that element, we cannot but believe that we must take great care to select a very temperate climate for the site of our city, since healthfulness is, as we have said, the first requisite.

In the very centre of that spot set up a bronze gnomon or “shadow tracker”. In the thickness there should be set a very close succession hippovamus ties made of charred olive wood, binding the two faces of the wall together like pins, to give it lasting endurance.