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This book is one of the best researched that I have found delarye the most sinister groups to ever plague the world. The vignettes of the persons who made up the leadership of this organization are priceless.

The writing a translation from French was competent if not elegant. It also covered organizational issues, Nazi rivalries, and of course their crimes. The terror of torture and death was always present and anyone could denounce their neighbor for expressing any opinio This is an excellent history of how the Gestapo became the powerful organization it became in Nazi Germany and the men who vied for leadership of what became an all-encompassing, multinational police force.

Skyhorse Publishing 5 de junio de Idioma: And frankly some of the phrasing was hilarious. He will arise and he will be followed, and we will pay the price again. How to accurately reflect on a writing of such sheer horror Although interesting, the book is a little bit difficult to read because too many uncommonly words are used.

Most of the book is devoted to Gestapo history in Germany and France. Industrialized death by people who gave you the Mercedes Benz, excelled in science and industry. Takes forever to df to the Gestapo, so you get not only how the Gestapo was formed but deladue whole background history of how Hitler and the National Socialists came to power, and what they did once they seized it, the Reichstag fire, Night of the Long Knives, etc.

Sigue al autor

It was a world where people exterminated for pleasure and where murderers were treated as heroes Paperbackpages. Cruelty, a taste An extremely unpleasant, even horrific read. The German’s of the late ‘s and ‘s governed by the weak and hated Wiemar Republic. This is an excellent history of how the Gestapo became the powerful organization it became in Nazi Germany and the men who vied for leadership of what became an all-encompassing, multinational police force.


Quotes from The Gestapo: Let me put it this way, this book struck a nerve like never before and I consider hacques an ongoing student of history which encompasses these past seven decades. A big book but such a great read. It can happen again and if we do not understand our past we cannot see our future.

I can only pray that our youth continue to study what led to such heinous atrocities in the name of “loyalty. So many innocent civilians died at the hands of these monsters.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. New insight into an old horrible story.

And a little dry, even for a history book. Feb 28, Raquel rated it liked it. But hear what Delarue says in summation: Just as the subject of my review states; this is a very informative book. In normal periods his evil ihstoria remain in the background, held in check by the conventions, habits, laws, and criteria of civilization, but let a regime come which not only liberates these terrible impulses but makes a virtue of them, then from the depths of time the snout of the beast reappears, tears aside the slender disguise imposed by civilization, and howls the death cries of forgotten ages.

It’s an exhaustive account, and even going into this knowing who everyone was and with some familiarity with events, I lost the thread of the book several times.

Una plaga de espías: LA GESTAPO, de Jacques Delarue (Bruguera)

The present cabinet picks and historja changes being considered are the same roadmap to power as relayed in the book. Comic book caricature descriptions of big-name Nazis, all grotesque monsters with odd physical attributes, no banality of evil.


It would take too long to go into detail. It’s chilling, insightful and comprehensive, almost too much detail to be honest, which bogs down the narrative. Decompression chamber experiments were histogia revolting. One must wonder, how in the world could the German people look to an ex-Austrian, German army corporal’s ravings and find any merit? The book did not go into the ways members of the Gestapo tortured lw murdered people, but very much focuses on a general theme of perceived betrayal by those in the organization and how the leaders were mostly resentful of others’ posts and also the immortality of the men who were the big wigs.

A valuable book in explaining the unexplainable.

The Gestapo: A History of Horror by Jacques Delarue

The author traces the way the Gestapo slowly incorporated other departments of Hitler’s police and espionage units and became the monster it did. Like a disease process, the Gestapo has so saturated German society, was so thoroughly edlarue to control the press that no organized protest was possible. Not an easy read If you are squeamish, I would not recommend reading this book. Although the book sometimes bogs down in details about inpronoucible names and the dates jump around a bit, any previous reading about WWII and Nazi Germany helps to tie it all together.

I found it to be thorough and well-researched.

It is definitely worth a try if you know at least a bit about World War 2, if you can remember numerous German names and if you want to learn more. Written by a French survivor of Gestapo treatment in the early s so based on old research from transcripts of the Nuremberg trials, for e.

However, it is hestapo because much more information has been uncovered since its publication.