Find great deals for Hitachi CP-X TRI-LCD Projector. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Hitachi CP-X projector specs, projector reviews and current street prices. Projector. CP-X/CP-X User’s Manual (detailed). Operating Guide. Thank you for WARNING • Before using, read these user’s manuals of this projector to ensure correct usage [email protected] HITACHI.

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The best display performance will be achieved if the resolutions of the input signal and projector panel are identical. The Swiss computer accessories maker had been interested in buying the headset and Bluetooth earpiece maker. Before moving, disconnect the power cord and all external connections, and close the slide lens door or attach the lens cap. The powerful light could adversely affect vision.

Take care not to fatigue your eyes. Projector Lens System Zoom Factor. Use the accessory cable or a designated-type cable for the connection.

Hitachi Projectors: Hitachi CP-X 3 LCD projector

Avoid using a loose, unsound outlet or contact failure. If this happens, contact your local dealer or a service representative. If swallowed consult a physician immediately for emergency treatment. Logitech confirms it was in talks to acquire Plantronics The Swiss computer accessories maker had been interested in buying the headset and Bluetooth earpiece maker. Video Output Analog Video Signal. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.

A certain error has been detected. Use a soft and dry cloth to clean the power plug. Computer Accessories by Rick Broida Nov 28, The heat could have adverse influence on the cabinet of the projector and other parts. Loose screws could result in damage or injury. Handling the lamp while hot can cause burns, as well as damaging the lamp. Be careful of printing of the LCD panel. Be sure to connect with ground wire. Conversely when the data length is shorter than indicated by the data length code, an error code will be returned to the PC.


The air filter should be cleaned periodically. Mobile by Stephen Shankland Dec 10, Use special caution in households where children and pets are present.

Increasing the projector setting value Increment command 1 The PC sends the following ccp-x264 code to the projector. Mobile by Stephen Shankland Dec 21, If the projector continues projecting a still image, inactive images or cp-x24 Here’s where to start. Any interfering radiation could cause disordered image or noises.

Before turning on the power, make the projector cool down adequately. At the lamp replacing, make sure that the screws are screwed in firmly. Asus has built a fast router with something for everyone Asus has built a fast router with something for everyone by Dan Dziedzic. Some cables have to be used with the core set. If the projector is shocked, immediately turn off the power switch, disconnect the power plug from the power outlet and contact your dealer. Accumulations of dust inside the projector cause result in fire or malfunction.

Hitachi CP-X264 Projector User Guide

Components by Joshua Goldman Nov 26, Do not touch about the lens, air fans and ventilation openings during use or immediately after use, to prevent a burn. The lamp can break with a loud bang, or burn out. Read projector internal setup value. Never look through the lens or openings when the lamp is on. Xbox, PlayStation, movies, phones and more Heck, I even threw in a desk.


Last-minute Christmas deal fest: Set the sound volume at a suitable level to avoid bothering other people. Using Security Features 1. Cleaning inside is more effective if performed before every humid periods such as rainy season.

Incorrect power supply could result in fire or electrical shock. Culture by Nicolas Towner Nov 16, A physical impact could cause damage or malfunction of the remote control. Neglect could result in an injury or damage. Cable modem shopping tips Cable modem shopping tips by Dong Ngo.

Hitachi CP-X264 and Manuals

Do not place the projector, the remote control and other parts hltachi direct sunlight or near a hot hktachi such as heater, etc. The air filter may be attached when you buy a replacement lamp for this projector. Placing anything on the projector could result in loss of balance or falling, and cause an injury or damage. This symbol indicates information that, if ignored, could result possibly in personal injury or physical damage due to incorrect handling.

Disconnect the plug from the power outlet.