Convert documents to beautiful publications and share them worldwide. Title: Hitachi Yutaki S80 vs Daikin Altherma, Author: aenaos sa, Length: 2 pages. The Yutaki-S80 air to water heat pump split sytem will generate hot water up to 80ºC; the hottest water temperature on the domestic heating market using. Hitachi’s Yutaki-S80 high temperature heat pump generates hot water up to 80°C and is ideal as a boiler replacement for heating and domestic hot water.

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As a result, some of the images or data used to illustrate this document may not refer to specific models.

Hitachi Yutaki S | Nuenta

This document may therefore have hiachi subject to amendments during the life of the product. The new YUTAKI series, based on state-of-the-art technology, does not only achieve an outstanding performance in space heating, but it is also provides domestic hot water with high efficiency.

No type of modification must be made to the equipment without prior, written authorization from the manufacturer.

Cross Border shipping does not qualify for Free Shipping. By rejecting it you will be redirected to Google. Three types of indoor unit can be used in heating split systems: It is convenient hktachi new installa- tions with low capacity requirements Well isolated installations, high efficiency radiators Hitachi is a highly diversified company that operates eleven business segments: NOTE This air conditioner has been designed for standard air conditioning for human beings.


Cookies and Tracking Technologies Policy. YUTAKI units produce heating and domestic hot water like any oil or gas boiler, but transforming renewable energy from the outside air into heat. No claims will be accepted based on the data, illustrations and descriptions included in this manual.

Hitachi Yutaki-M Heat Pump System Control Pack | Hitachi Heap Pumps

Air to water heat pumps extract the free energy present in the air, which is enough to heat a home up to a comfortable temperature, even on the coldest winter day. There are no reviews yet.

We deliver to all countries except Syria, Yemen and Somalia. The yuutaki is simple to control; its new user controller PC-ARFHE improves the acclaimed and successful design used with the existing LCD controller, and provides a great deal of new functions like: It assures a comfortable temperature in your home and energy savings in any situation in managing a single Zone and producing DHW, with optional additional functions.

The outdoor unit extracts the heat present in the air, increases its refrig- erant temperature and transmits it to the water circuit using the plate heat exchanger of the indoor unit, where the heat is taken to radiators fan-coilsunderfloor heating components or both 2nd temperature area.


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From data storage solutions to transportation systems, Hitachi Europe Ltd has provided products, services and solutions to every sector of the European market since In Europe and across the world, Hitachi is committed to improving society through technology. It is ranked 38th in the Fortune Global and th in the Forbes Yktaki