Hothouse predicted global warming Armageddon back in the s. But don’t turn to this volume for its science, which is dodgy at best. Instead. Hothouse [Brian Wilson Aldiss] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this award-winning science fiction adventure, radiation from the dying. Hothouse [Brian Aldiss] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Sun is about to go Nova. Earth and Moon have ceased their axial rotation.

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Moon is connected to Earth through giant cobwebs, spin by mile-long plant-spiders, which act like a space elevators. To say more would be to cross the boundary into spoiler territory. I think genre fiction can be off-putting to those of us who mostly graze the literary fiction shelves.

What a fantastic coincidence. What happens with the humans? Take the traversers, which are drawn by the pull of solar radiation, taking them to the moon and the silence of space.

Aldiss, it seems, is not that kind of writer. I suppose Non-Stop may be a better novel, but I found this one more enjoyable and hothoouse. All board a boat briah to the tummy-bellies, but during the escape Poyly is killed. Dhalgren Delany, Samuel R.

On our fantastic voyage, we encounter a sentient and manipulating fungus, which has specialised in intelligence while the planet’s plants have specialised in size. There is originally both in the setting and in the story. Robert Heinlein at A.


We will remain sole stewards of our own fate.

There is a scene in the middle of the book in which Gren enters a cave where thought is corrupted, as if by a psychedelic drug, and into which beings are involuntarily drawn, as if by a pheromone on the wind.

Just the same as the created societies in good sf novels affect the characters and influence their stories.

Hothouse – Brian Aldiss

The characters have some issues as well. The whole concept of this smart alciss fascinated me. Plants and vegetable reign supreme, and I seldom reread books because there are too many interesting unread books in the world to catch up with but some books just haunt me, demanding to be reread because I have forgotten too many details.

Some of the more comic scenes reminded me of Candide recently read, fresh in the memory!

Heart and Sole: ‘Hothouse’ by Brian Aldiss. Book review and analysis

The middle portion is about a de-evolved society. We are humans like you. So know you will soon love to kill us when you go up from playing the sandwich game along with your lady in the leaves. We are glad great herder, that you make us starve if our dying makes you have a laugh and a gay song and another sandwich game.

Literary sf, to make up a term, tends to be set pretty much in our world still but with some easily understood changes.

The plants and vegetation evolved apdiss greatly that many lifeforms mirrored and imitated animals from our time-period, not only in behavioral patterns and functionality, but in many cases, even hoothouse their physical description.


Choices never easy, the conclusion of the novel wraps up things in surprisingly affecting fashion given the light tone that permeates the story. The main character, Gren, embarks on a journey in a far-future version of Earth where the sun has grown vast in the sky and carnivorous plants have come to dominate the food-chain.

Hothouse (1962), by Brian Aldiss

The plant kingdom has taken over riotously and humanity has evolved or should I say devolved into In return for food, the Sodal Ye thinks of a way to remove the morel from Gren’s head by coaxing it into a bowl.

I would add to that the implausibility of preserving memories across generations when no one ever talks about them. The Atrocity Exhibition Ballard, J. A “Hothouse” the name of the novel originallyin fact Terra has become.

Hothouse (), by Brian Aldiss –

hothouwe The character’s development is somewhat limited, possibly due to them being somewhat limited in terms of intelligence themselves. I think sf is very accessible to the general reader. I like it, but it was much too long—could have lost about 75 pages easily. Forget about understanding the science; instead enjoy the predatory scenery.