Citation: Matsuyama, Frank A. How to use the yawara stick for police. Berkeley, URI/DOI: Rights: The use of the digitized . Why You Should Learn to Use the Palm Stick for the purpose of self defense ( also called a kubotan or yawara stick in Japanese systems and an olisii palad or . Author: Matsuyama F. A. Title: How to use the Yawara stick Year: Link download: How the.

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Self-organizing flow technology In Continuing the follow through, the Officer hooks the Yawara stick around the ieft ankle of the adversary, completely upsetting him.

Yet it is so flexible in Syick use that it can be used in either hand, forward or backward, or at any angle, with equal effectiveness. Having observed also that some Officers unfortunately have to accept early retirement, due to injuries or ailments resulting from altercations in the performance of their duties, and still others who could not enjoy regular retirement due to ill health, I decided to try and do something about it.

To remove stubborn adver- sary from car. See more on kali and eskrima. The Yawara stick is the answer.

And unlike guns, larger sticks, and knives, some version of a palm stick a flashlight or pen for example can be carried even when traveling to areas where weapons are not allowed, including on planes. Officer uses same blow to crotch. Officer pivots on left toe and simultaneously steps around with right foot and delivers blow to solar-plexus of ad- versary with Yawara stick in right hand.

Matsuyama F. A. – How to use the Yawara stick – Aryana Libris

Officer now twists hand of adversary backward and downward as in Q-3, and leads him from car. Gow you don’t want are such ohw holes in your techniques that you invite catastrophic failure, where you are knocked out or worse due to an opening that need not have existed.


Officer may use blow to ribs, kidney or crotch instead of to solar – plexus if be prefers. Yet it is so flexible in its use that it can be used in either hand, forward or backward, or at any angle, with equal effectiveness. If adversary attempts to strike Officer while yawraa in car or while driving. S-2 Or the Officer may strike a blow with the blunt end o! Officer immediately grabs left wrist of adversary with his left hand.

Palm Stick for Self Defense

This manual presents in a very concise form a great amount of information, both in words and photographs, which will provide Officers with very vital and practical instructions in the proper use of the Yawara stick. A common version is pictured below:. Most palm stick defenses you’ll see taught begin with striking the arm of an incoming punch. Just enter your name and email below:. With the Yawara stick in the right hand, ele- vate both arms to horizontal position and fold arms, plac- ing left hand under right arm pit.

While not as effective as an expandable baton or gun, the palm stick may even be a better self defense tool than a knife see our knife page for more informationespecially when you have the advantage of the tactical flashlight.

Caution— I t must be understood that a blow with die Yawara stick to the crotch, face, otc.

Palm Stick

E-4 Officer is now perfectly bal- anced He hooks upper part of Yawara stick under the back of the left knee of ad- versary, from back of leg— not over the leg— thus throw- ing adversary down. For the Officer who wants to do his job better and enjoy the good health and happiness to which he is entitled upon retirement, the Yawara stick is the proper “tool” for his Police job.


The blow may be struck with either end of the Yawara stick. If adversary grabs Officer’s right wrist with either hand while Officer is driving car, Officer merely tips bottom of Yawara stick backward to- ward his own forearm. The Yawara stick is better appearing, very inconspicuous, and is not objectionable to the public-even when it is being used. H-2 Follow in G Officer squeezes tightly and walks Officer can walk man as in P-3, or he can grab third and little finger of adversary’s hand, bending fingers back- ward as hand is thrust for- ward.

Continuing the follow through, the Officer pushes the elbow sharply with the Yawara stick, up, forward, then down, forcing the ad- versary down, and at the same time twisting his wrist continuously in the direction which brings the elbow for- ward. While stcik can purchase palm sticks made purely for the purpose of self defense also called a kubotan or yawara stick in Japanese systems and an olisii palad or pocket stick in Filipino martial artsit makes more sense to carry a tactical flashlight, which also gives you the ability to temporarily blind an attacker at night.

Note bow adversary relaxes hold on arms of chair.

Officer follows through by striking the elbow crazy bone with the center of the Yawara stick. Officer then grabs extended fingers of ad- versary, bends them down- ward and backward.

Jardins et potagers en Nouvelle-France Joie de vivre et The determining question should be, “what is the most effective technique for the given position? While left arm is still ele- vated.