PRELIMINARY NOTE ON THE LIFE HISTORY OF HYMENOLEPIS CARIOCA. By Myrna F. Jones. See allHide authors and affiliations. Science 23 Nov Hymenolepis may refer to: Hymenolepis (plant) · Hymenolepis (tapeworm) · Disambiguation icon. Disambiguation page providing links to articles with similar . 1. Science. Nov 23;68() PRELIMINARY NOTE ON THE LIFE HISTORY OF HYMENOLEPIS CARIOCA. Jones MF. PMID:

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Strobilation begins immediately behind the head, and is very distinct almost from the first, by reason cariocca the deep constrictions between the segments. This cerebral complex corresponds roughly to that of Taenia crassicollis as given by Cohn Apart from this question it is not even certain that he has wisely modified the definition of the genus in restricting the number of testes to three.

The form possesses three testes and in the details of cirrus hymenolepiis, the two seminal vesicles, seminal receptacle, ovary, yolk gland, and anlage of uterus shows striking similarities to H.

Fibers hymeholepis indicating such a ring are sometimes seen fig. Hymeenolepis regard to the systematic position of T. Ward I am indebted to Dr. In two specimens examined the dorsal hymenlepis of the right-hand loop came from the ventral vessel, of the left-hand loop from the dorsal vessel fig.

The origin of the outer layer is similar to that of H. From the point at which each lateral nerve joins the cerebral commissure, two nerves fig. The origin of these muscles is similar to that of the outer longitudinal muscles of Anoplo- cephala perfoliata as hymenooepis by Liihe 94, 96i. From the diagonal muscles of the proglottis fibers turn in to attach to the outer portion of the cirrus sac, serving thus as protractors fig.


As the eggs pass out of the ovary it shrinks rapidly, and in segmentwhere all the eggs have entered the uterus, has entirely disap- peared. Similar muscle bands have been described in Taenia depressa by Fuhrmann 95in Taenia iniiata by Jacobi 98in Fimbriaria fasciolaris and Dicranotaenia coronula by Wolffhiigel 00as well as in other forms by different authors.

Fibers which cross at right angles between the two strands of the commissure establish a continuity between these dorsal and ventral nerves. The protoplasm is compact and finely granular, and each cell contains a spherical hymeno,epis 2 p. Four membranes may be distinguished surrounding the oncho- sphere fig. The uterus expands forwards and outwards toward the surface, and more slowly backwards, as a simple sac without infold- ings, differing thus from Hymenolepis carioca and H.


Except for the lack of agreement in the number of testes, Taenia spiculigera? There are the same i68 B. In ripe segments the last fig. There is a basket-like plexus of small canals figs.

Scarcely larger than a coarse thread at its posterior end, it tapers gradually anteriad, becoming exceedingly tenuous at the neck. Upon entering the cirrus pouch the vas deferens is much constricted fig.

Two of the worms were young and immature. The lateral longitudinal nerves In arise from the postero-lateral corners of the ganglia figs. Die im zoologischen Museum der Universitat Halle aufgestellten Ein- geweidewiirmer nebst Beobachtungen iiber dieselben. The wall of the uterus con- sists of a thin membrane fig. Frontal section of scolex.

The head is large, 1 mm. The length ranges from 30 mm. The margins of the strobila are serrate fig. A number of nerves extend forward from the same points. Hymenolepis megalops Nitzsch Was first found by Nitzsch in the intestine of Anas boschas and Dafila acuta.

The outer layer fig. The foregoing facts, I believe, furnish a very good demonstration of the untenability of Cohn’s division of the genus.


These two forms are very closely allied, and hymemolepis much more similar to one another than to H. Transverse vessels connect the ventral vessels at irregular intervals of two to seven segments, usually at an interval of about five.

Since the segments do not tend to break off singly from the strobila as they become ripe, and since the embryos which they contain form practically a continuous mass extending unbroken from one proglottis to the next, if a portion of hymenolpis worm be broken off from its posterior end the entire series of proglottides will con- stitute what is in effect but a single embryo sac.

Zur Morphologie des Taenien-scolex. I am able to confirm Cariocaa observations, in part, as I have sections of H.

Hymenolepis carioca | definition of Hymenolepis carioca by Medical dictionary

Bronn’s Klassen und Ordnungen des Thierreichs. From the point of union of each of these eight nerves with the ring, a branch of nerve fibers passes outward over the surface of the adjacent sucker. The median and accessory lateral nerves are con- nected behind the complex by numerous commissures with one an- other and with the main lateral nerves.

He has thus bound together three groups of forms resembling each other only in the possession of armed suckers, and at the same time has sep- arated the group Davainea from other forms which bear close re- semblances to it in many respects, but do not have hooks upon the suckers. Four individuals of this tapeworm were collected by me, March, iooi, from the rectum of a pintail duck, Daffla acuta, shot on the Missouri river near Columbia, Mo.