Tamiya ryu Iaijutsu. Koran no Maki – the second volume by Takeda N. Sensei – Iaido Kyoshi 7th Dan. The following is a brief description of these kata. There are 43 iai kata with no particular order, but 7 are considered basic. Properly speaking, Shinkage-ryu does not contain iaijutsu techniques, it is strictly a.

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From seiza slide the right foot far forward and cut horizontally very close to the ground, bending forward. Then lift horizontally in front iaikutsu you on shoulder height, tsuka to the left, and put down in front of you like this. Mugen Shinto Ryu Iaijutsu kata.

Momo Gumbei Mitsushige 5th Headmaster: Tai-ryu — big dragon. Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu Iaido. Komei Jyuku symbolizes the spirit of Budo through its practical ethics and deep philosophy as lived iaijursu and passed down from the Japanese Samurai Bushi. Yoda Mansai; Manzo; Sansho Yorikatsu. Big step forward to get up. Iaijutsu is practiced as a series of kata. On the third step, perform nukitsuke, eliminating the first opponent.

A concept of warfare that has endured the ages. We must set ourselves up to do and do again the things that teach us and help us grow. Step forward while lowering the sword to chudan ha and kissaki are tilted slightly to the right side. Mostly it’s taking a defensive posture. Each kata begins with the individual calmly kaat or standing with their sword sheathed.


The qualities of Budo are shared and transmitted physically as well as mentally; ksta verbal expression from our hearts; and are studied and preserved for future generations to come. The world now seeks this spirit of Budo.

Tama-guruma — precious stone beautiful, oaijutsubig wheel You are grabbed by the lapels from seiza. Start with your back to shomen. Kai-shaku — help to commit harikiri 6. Turn to the rear, matching swords with the rear opponent, again advance the right foot, winding his sword and cutting down.

Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu Iaijutsu–Colorado Komei Juku

You free a passing horse from its rider in this scenario. Oct 13 visit by Lyall Sensei. I had never even seen this ryu before. Oki-tsunami — far away in iajiutsu sea tsunami.

Tamiya Heibei Shigemasa 3rd Headmaster: Once the perceived assailants have been deterred, the sword is cleaned and re-sheathed. This is the mission of Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu Iaijutsu as transmitted by the 21st generation head–Sekiguchi Komei sensei. Shinobi-gaeshi — patient cut 5. Below is the list of the iai kata which compromise the Mugen Shinto Ryu style.

Iaido Katas

Step forward with right foot and cut while dropping on the knee and shifting back. Itoma-goi — say goodbye manner, make partner loose attention.

I say this because I see this uncompromisingly high self expectation that they have set upon themselves. The second opponent is slightly to the right, enter with the left foot in kasumi, step forward with the right and cut down.

Put left thumb in obi before your tanden, then move it to the left and insert the saya. After the 3rd step cut kesagiri from the upper left, at the same time slide forward and drop to the knee. Sui-ryu — water stream. However, the Yagyu Shinkage-ryu line has subsumed the battojutsu of Yagyu Seigo-ryu, a school derived from Seigo-ryu jujutsu and some jojutsu techniques developed by Yagyu Jubei Iaijtsu.


kaga Withdraw the left foot and cut down. Shigoki-taoshi — body attach body checktake down 5. Draw like the previous kata, but standing up with left foot forward. Lineage of Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu. Withdraw the right foot and match swords with the enemy in front, advance the right foot, winding his sword and cutting down.

Goto Magobei Masasuke Seiryo. Repeat the cut chiburi without shifting the body. Other aspects include manners and respect. Calgary Rakushinkan website under construction. Iaijutsu is the art of a face-to-face, and perhaps spirit-to-spirit confrontation.

Shigure-otoshi — sudden downpour.

The seventh grand master Hasegawa Eishin shaped the school around the changing times, keeping true to its enduring spirit, and mastering a new type of sword. Iai is about an individual, and a sword. Only if the bad guy insists does he get a beating. Jumoku-daoshi — turn over a big piece of wood The rest iaijutsh similar to the end of somakiri except that the second cut left kesa goes down to knee level instead of stopping at suigetsu.