BY FRANCIS BARRETT, F.R.C.. Professor of Chemistry expence, the Author undertook to compose THE MAGUS, presuming that his labours herein will meet . Results 1 – 30 of starstarstarstarstar (). The magus or Celestial intelligencer being a: Francis Barrett . (Chicago, IL, U.S.A.). Seller Rating: 5-star rating. Results 1 – 30 of 31 starstarstarstarstar (21). The Magus or Celestial Intelligencer Being a: Francis Barrett (Chicago, IL, U.S.A.). Seller Rating: 5-star rating.

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And this you are to understand of the fixed stars.

Now it is sufficient that if a man happens to receive many wounds in his body blood be had only from one of these wounds, and from this one the rest are cured also, because that blood keeps a concordant harmony with the spirit of the whole, and draws forth from the same the offensive quality communicated, not only to the lips of the wound, but to the whole man, for from one wound only the whole man is liable to grow feverish.

After some debate, one Dr. The third hath the other four letters, with the five final, viz.

ExtremelyReliable via United States. Miriael, of the order of warriors; so of that verse, ” thou shall set over him the wicked, and Satan shall stand at his right-hand,” out of Psalm mague. Hai inviato la seguente valutazione e recensione.

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But of these, according to the tradition of magicians, there are three kinds; the first of which we call super-celestial, and minds altogether separated from a body, and, as it were, intellectual spheres worshipping one only God, as it were, their most firm and stable unity or centre. And no sympathetic remedies, magnetical or attractive, but from the idea or phantasy of fdancis operator impressing upon it a virtue and efficacy from the excited power in his own soul.

Make a small table of the lightest, whitest, and basest kind of lead; and at one end put a piece of amber, and, three spans from it, lay a piece of green vitriol; this vitriol will soon lose its colour and acid: And we would caution you in this beginning, that every magical experiment flies from the public, seeking to be hid, is strengthened and confirmed by silence, but is destroyed by publication; never does any complete effect follow after: The phantasy therefore, of any subject whatsoever has obtained a strong appetite to the spirit of another thing, for the moving of some certain thing in place, for the attracting, repelling, or expulsion thereof; and there and not elsewhere we acknowledge magnetism as the natural magical endowment of that thing firmly planted in it by God.

Michael is placed over the east- wind, Raphael over the west, Gabriel over the north, Nariel, who by some is called Ariel, is over the south. Imitations of Modern Drawings; Artist: See the following Plates for the tables of the calculation of the names of spirits, good and bad, under the presidency of the seven planets, and under the order of the twelve militant signs. It is further to be noted, msgus as often as we enter this table with the good spirits of the second order, the names extracted are of the second order; and if under them we extract the name of an evil spirit, he is of the superior order of the governors.

Therefore we repeat, the magician franciss always make use of a medium for then the words or forms of sacraments do always operate, because from the work performed. barreht


Truly, from a wound, the venal blood, or corrupt pus, or sanies, from an ulcer, being received in the towel, do receive, indeed, a balsam from a frxncis or healing being; I say, from the power of the vitriol, a medicinal power connected and limited in the aforesaid mean; but the virtues of rfancis balsam received are directed unto the wounded object, not indeed by an influential virtue of the stars, and much less do they fly forth of their own accord unto the object at a distance: Although Satan doth co-operate mgus injections by wicked natural means required from his bond slaves; for every thing shall be judged guilty, or good, from its ends and intents: The Philosophy of Natural Magic.

BY the things which have been already spoken it is manifest, that barreett after death do as yet love their body which they left, as those souls do whose bodies want due burial or have left their bodies by violent death, and as yet barett about their carcasses in a troubled and moist spirit, being, as it were, allured by something that hath an affinity with them, the means being known, by which in times past, they were joined to their bodies, they may be easily called forth and allured by the like vapours, liquors and savours, certain artificial lights being also used, songs, sounds, and such like, which moves the imaginative and spiritual harmony of the soul; and sacred invocations, and such like, as belong to religion, ought not to be neglected by reason of the portion of the rational soul which is above nature.

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Shipping prices may be approximate. Red Wheel Weiser, Hardcover. The Coroner’s jury sat upon the body within twenty-four hours after this notable murder was committed; when the suspected was suddenly taken into custody, and conveyed away to the same public-house where the inquisition was taken.

It is now seasonable to discover the immediate cause of magnetism in the unguent.

But whosoever, on the contrary, languishes with a fantastic spirit, he receives not perspicuous and distant visions; but even as the divine sight, by reason of its vision, being weakened and impaired, judges confusedly and indistinctly, so also when we are overcome with wine and drunkenness, then our spirit, being oppressed with noxious vapours as a troubled water is apt to appear in various forms is deceived, and waxes dull; therefore those who would receive oracles by dreams, and those oracles true and certain, I would advise him to abstain one whole day from meat, and three days from wine or any strong liquors, and drink nothing but pure water; for, to sober and religious minds, the pure spirits are adherent, but fly those who are drowned in drunkenness and surfeiting.

Esch, 11is another name received from Moses, which soundeth fire, and is the name of God; Na, 7! You must also observe, that the names of the evil spirits are extracted as well from the names of the good spirits as of the evil: Avicen believes the angels were wont to be seen and heard by the prophets. THERE is yet another art of these kind of names, which they call calculatory; and it is made by the following tables, by entering with some sacred, divine, or angelical name, in the column of letters descending, by taking those letters which thou shalt find in the common angles under their stars and signs, which being reduced into order, the name of a good spirit is made of the nature of that star or sign under which thou didst enter; but if thou shalt enter in the column ascending, by taking the common angles above the stars and signs marked in the lowest line, the name of an evil spirit is made.


Spine is a bit shaken, but binding is sound. They accounted it unlawful to write the mysteries of God with those characters which prophane and vulgar things were wrote. They of this kind of spirits, Porphyry says, inhabit a place nigh the earth, yea within the earth itself; there is no mischief which they dare not commit; they have altogether a violent and hurtful nature, therefore they plot, and endeavour violent and sudden mischiefs; and when they make incursions, sometimes they lie hid, and sometimes offer open violence, and are very much delighted in all such things done wickedly and mischievously.

But I call angels here, not those whom we usually call devils, but spirits so called from the propriety of the word, as it were, knowing, understanding, and wise.

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But, from a dead carcass that was extinct of its own accord, and from nature failing, as well frrancis implanted as inflowing spirit passed forth at once.

Because these tables serve for all names, as divine, so angelical, we shall therefore subjoin them to this chapter.

Pages and cover are clean and intact. In like manner you shall understand the names bwrrett the great presidential spirits ruling in the air, from the four angles of the succedent houses, so as to obtain the names of the good spirits: The officers seen are, Top row, left to right: Red Wheel Weiser, Judd; Lieutenant Charles H.

Good spirits, as Jamblicus says, purge the souls most perfectly, and some bestow upon us other good things: THE vital spirit in the flesh and blood performs the office of the soul; that is, it is the same spirit in the outward man, which, in the seed, forms the whole figure, that magnificent structure and perfect delineation of man, and which hath known the ends of things to be done, because it contains them; and the which as president accompanies the new framed young, even unto the period of its life; and the which, barrtt it depart therewith, some smacks or small quantity, at least, thereof remains in a carcass slain by, violence, being as it were most exactly co-fermented with the same.

Non disponibile per l’acquisto. Prodotti non disponibili per l’acquisto. In like manner, in the offices of evil demons are read their names, viz. El or Jah, is subjoined.

Wherefore the power or faculty must needs be dispersed throughout the whole man; in the soul, indeed, more vigorous, but in the flesh and blood far more remiss. Confused by the descriptions?

Samuel Weiser, Used – Very Good. Rentals Express via United States.

Drew, left, slides safely into home as Chicago Cubs catcher Michael Barrett tries to make a play in the fifth inning of a baseball game in Los Angeles on Monday, April 17, But the characters which are understood by the revelations of spirits take their virtue from thence, because they are, as it were, certain hidden seals, making the harmony of some divinity: Inglese Opzioni di download: