Buy Introduction to Mechanics, Matter, and Waves by Ingard U & Kraushaar W.L. (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Introduction to mechanics, matter, and waves. Front Cover. K. Uno Ingard, William L. Kraushaar. Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., – Matter – pages. INTRODUCTION TO MECHANICS, MATTER, AND WAVES (Hardcover). by Ingard; Kraushaar. Edition: Third Printing. Book condition: Very Good/No Jacket.

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A technoid way of saying half price. I saw a remote pun between liberation and libation. Continuing the joke about box labeling. Airborne lngard though it may settle on things.

In railroad rule books, Rule G prohibits working under the influence of alcohol. Dormitory telephone wires were strung through the campus steam tunnels. Since the time of the first edition, this block was built. The Club had a guest member at the time who was a Cambridge high-school student. Club members drank lots of Coca-Cola.

Those at the club who mourned the ingarv glamor and majesty of steam power referred to diesel engines as dismals. From Freud to Freude. The definition is obviously unkind and exaggerated. Provides great fun to watch them panic.


Rubbage is a rare krsushaar for rubbish, but I had heard it used growing up in New England. The FOB was the club’s internal newsletter.

The FOB is described below.

Introduction to Mechanics, Matter and Waves

Use of this word at TMRC antedates my coming there. The late s saw the general replacement of steam locomotives by diesel. Ingard and Kraushaar taught freshman physics, which included gyroscopes.

The TMRC freshman folly was a construction project set aside for new members. Is to be conserved.

The whale on the layout formed a visual barrier to separate two scenic areas. Nonetheless, that person had to be duly constituted. Continuing the catalog of storage places.


Goose — geese; caboose — cabeese. A contorted way to refer to a “vile pile. Behind the scenes, he spoke for the club to the MIT administration and helped acquire telephone switching gear.

A diode conducts electricity in one direction; a friode, in both directions or none. Now known as the Emergency. At that time, the name of the Boston transit system. The fund that made the down payment on the Coke machine. See “NX” in the first edition.

The definition works on the engineering sense of a black box, whose internal workings are unknown and which can be described only by observing the relation between its inputs and outputs. Krausahar term was also a disdainful epithet, popularized in a novelty song of the s by The Old Philosopher: It contained a doorbell, and was used to test electrical kraushaqr. The word bureau moves from the figurative to the literal.


Introduction to Mechanics, Matter, and Waves – K. Uno Ingard, William L. Kraushaar – Google Books

Model airplanes were anathema in the clubroom. If this etymology is correct, “flunkie” would be a second-order conflation. This contrasts the systematic labeling of boxes under the layout, holding club property, ingqrd the unordered labeling of members’ boxes by their initials. It was a large flat cart on casters. My recollection is that this wording was offered by another member, though I kdaushaar not now remember who it was.

Great Dome and swamps us with electrical goodies. When the layout and the System were working well, it was possible for one person to run two separate trains and control all the track switches at the same time. To suggest conserving it is ironic, at best.