Katarzyna Górak-Sosnowska Religijni i niepoczytalni? Terroryzm muzułmański w świetle badań psychologicznych. Religious and mad? Islamic terrorism. Islam wobec globalizacji. Islam “Islam był i jest zakorzeniony w życiu duchowym swoich wyznawców silniej, niż zakłada to wielu zachodnich. Globalization is the challange for religion, on which religion and Islam . [in:] A. Mrozek-Dumanowska, J. Zdanowski, Islam a globalizacja, Warszawa , p.

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Nevertheless, the concept of a universal community or global human identity is rather a certain theoretical model and ideological heuristic tool than a real social fact.

Thirdly, the beliefs, values and doctrines accepted currently by many people from the circle of the western culture and by some people belonging to other circles of culture. This can affect the global economy or politics in the fight against development disproportions or can influence the processes of democratization. Whereas globalization, which changes the hierarchy of relations, is often perceived as standardization, subordination to the global or universal culture.

Islam wobec globalizacji by Marzena Araźna on Prezi

The dialogue between religions is surely a desired aspect of contacts. Zdanowski, Islam a globalizacja, Warszawap. Our proposed index will not only contested western inspired Rehman-Askari Global Islamicity Index, but Therefore, it should not be generalized that the Islamic civilization is against the western culture. Usually this is associated with the flow of goods or services, in other words – with economic activity.

The mentioned three fundamental principles serve as guiding principles to six legal values which will be broken down into variables and indicators of the proposed globalkzacja in further research.

But the conflict between democracy and fundamentalists, especially Islamic fundamentalists, does not concern only democracy as a concrete system of wielding power. There is a consensus that the values such as ideas of democracy representative power, tolerance, pluralism of opinions are not inconsistent with the Islamic tradition. Islam as a religious term is quite unclear when we talk about its principles in Western Africa.

These five practices are essential to Sunni Islam which is the base of Black Muslim. There is a question whether to adapt to these changes or to remain in isolation and closure to external influences.


There revive local cultures, which are grouped within a regional civilization, aiming at triggering a rebellion against the universal use of such principles as democracy and human rights Secondly, elements common to civilized societies, such as cities, literacy, which distinguish them from primitive communities.

However, adaptation processes in the cultural sphere take place much more slowly than in other spheres of life of human groups. This process takes place globalizzacja both directions, leading to cosmopolitization of culture and creation of new quality based on the core of common beliefs and values Such approach tries to search for a compromise between the necessity to accept the changes in the field of economic globalization and the challenges faced by the Islamic culture.

However, it is important that in their drive towards the Islamic world order, fundamentalists want to use the achievements of the modern civilization.

Kultura Historia Globalizacja – Culture History Globalization

Religion is one of the major driving forces of the future. Ads help cover our server costs. It is able to explain occurring processes and defends identity by giving meaning to lives of the believers in the period of growing moral emptiness, through creation of a vision of salvation.

On the other hand, it ensures the feelings of stability and invariability by taking care of preservation of tradition of human groups or by determining moral principles. JavaScript is turned off in your web browser. Shibbolet Login Shibboleth authentication is only available to registered institutions. Huntington recognized the following items as the elements capable of creating the universal culture: The religious pluralism assumes functioning, side by side, 6 See: Such goals should be set both by Muslims and Christians, by meeting in a constructive dialog and by trying to withstand negative effects of the processes of globalization and the global culture carrying egoistic values.

According to them, the emerging new world order is too secular and liberal to be accepted by Muslims. Therefore, the only solution is to cultivate own traditions and to restrict influences of the western culture.


Just in the society, because Islam has neither accepted the western concept of individual freedom or liberalism nor formed its own one It also has at its disposal a powerful tool for classification and evaluation of new social phenomena.

Globalizacma is because it is possible to create a global society that, basing on a common heritage and the traditions mutual for all people, will observe values such as 11 M.

Index of Kota Santri, postcolonialism, Islamic norms, indigenization. Islam has always displayed strong adaptation capabilities, because it is not a uniform and homogenous culture.

Migracje a globalizacja

Tulisan ini merupakan hasil korespondensi antara Hasnan Bachtiar dengan dua pakar dinamika politik di Timur Tengah, yakni Amin Saikal dan James Piscatori. The intermediate stages of building such a political system of the world order are the states such as, for example, federal states of the USA and integration structures like the European Union Theology and Religion, Sociology of Religion Published by: They are perceived through the prism of fundamentalism as fanatic opponents of any changes, deep-seated in backwardness.

And, after all, this is a spread of similar models of consumption and mass culture3. However, in the considerations concerning globalization, there is a common element of division, because conflicts must be based on an attempt to divide the people into ones of us and aliens Because their essence is distortion of the classical religious doctrine and employment of religion for realization of their particular goals.

Besides, revival of religions, as one of the ways serving consolidation of group identity, is also a method for coming to power and competition for influence in the globalization process. They are not original reasons, because they do not occur independently and spontaneously, but they have their deep roots in a form of unsolved social problems.