Se determinaron las isotermas de adsorción de humedad en harina de yuca a 20 , 25, 30 y 35ºC mediante el método gravimétrico en el intervalo de actividad de. Download scientific diagram | Isotermas de adsorción-desorción de N 2: a) Al- MCM, b) Mn-Al-MCM, c) Jacobsen quiralAl-MCM from publication. Download scientific diagram | Isotermas de adsorción-desorción de la roca BC-1, mostrando la zona de f ormación de la monocapa (M). from publication.

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Da Silva, and L. Calle San Rafael Atlixco No. Moisture sorption isotherms and modeling for precooked flours of pigeon pea Cajanus cajans L.

Formation and spreading of lipid bilayers on planar aesorcion support. Thermodynamics of moisture sorption in melon seed and cassava, J Food Eng.

Isotermas de adsorción para hojuelas de avena (Avena sativa L.) | Zapata M. | Agronomía Colombiana

The Journal of Adhesion 80, The equilibrium moisture content on a dry basis was plotted against the a wto obtain the equilibrium moisture curves. Thermodynamic considerations of water vapour sorption by horseradish roots, Le- bensm. The r 2 must be higher than 0.

Physical properties for foods. Colloid Surface A The Henderson model also presented a good behavior in respect to the r 2 but produced a high MRPE superior to Both molecules ixotermas semicrystalline superstructures with crystalline and amorphous layers arranged in an onion-like structure where most of the crystalline regions are formed by arsorcion although part of the amylose molecules are also present in them Zobel, ; Brett et al.

Role of heat treatment in the processing and quality of oat flakes. Materials and Manufacturing Processes 23, Finally, Szyszkowski-Langmuir constant K L and Gibbs energy of absorption were calculated for the binary systems.

Marcel Dekker, New York. This result does not agree with Brett et al.

Agronomía Colombiana

On the other hand, starch, quantitatively the main component of cereals such as oat, contains two polymers that contribute to its molecular structure: Evaluation of food moisture sorption isotherm equations. In this study, X S values equal to 0.


Vapour sorption equilibrium and other water-starch interactions: Colloid Surface A, Predicting the variation of the equilibrium moisture content in solid materials, based on fundamentals principles, has not yet been developed for complex systems such as food matrices Al-Muhtaseb et al. This model has been used with protein, rice, turkey, chicken, tomato, potato starch, and wheat starch Timmermann, Models that are available in the literature for describing moisture sorption isotherms can be divided into several categories: The fitting of various models to water sorption isotherms of tea stored in a chamber under controlled temperature and humidity, J.

The Smith model Smith, is useful in describing the sorption isotherm of biological materials such as starch and cellulose. Desorption isotherms of some vegetables. Thermodynamics properties of food in dehydration. The behaviour of sorbitan surfactants at the water-oil interface: The most used strategy for studies on sorption desorption phenomena is sorption isotherms, which are important in the analysis and design of several food processes and can be used to predict changes in food adsorcoin and to select appropriate packaging materials and ingredients Zhang et al.

The GAB model is considered to be the most zdsorcion sorption model available in the literature Al-Muhtaseb et al. The results obtained in this study confirm the premise of Van den Berg in relation to the modification of the sorption capacity around the transition region where the amorphous region of starch begins to be plasticized, increasing their availability of hydroxyl groups for the sorption of water molecules Brett et al.

Physical Chemistry of Surface, 6th Ed. Fruit, vegetable and meat pro- ducts, Lebensm. Evaluation of various two-parameter models. The oat flake moisture sorption isotherms showed a clear dependence on temperature for the working values in this study.


Net isosteric heat of sorption in dried fruits, J Food Eng. Adsorption of gases in multimolecular layers, J. Furthermore, the present study aimed to establish the best storage and packaging conditions for oat flakes. Sorption isotherms and isosteric heats of sorption of whole yellow dent corn, J Food Eng. Thermodynamic analysis of expe- rimental sorption isotherms of loquat and quince fruits, J Food Eng.

Is the free energy change of adsorption correctly calculated? Thermodynamic properties and sorption equilibrium of pestil grape leatherJ Food Eng. Van den Berg, C. From then on, the weight of the sample was controlled every 10 d until it achieved a constant weight equilibrium condition.

Using the GAB model to construct sorption isotherms. Surface charge effect involved in the control of stability of sols comprising uniform cholesterol particles. Here, one can see that the curve predicted by the Caurie model is the best fit to the experimental data, consistent with those predicted by the r 2 and MRPE. In this work, the surfactant properties of cholesterol in organic solvents are studied.

Marcel Dekker Asdorcion, Cap. Under such conditions, the molecules in the glass stage may approximate to the glass transition region and become plasticized, thereby increasing their mobility and availability for sorption Brett et al. These results suggest that the recommended storage conditions of oat flakes include: Equations for fitting water sorption isotherms of foods: Compared with other cereals, oat is considered a source of proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals Gates, Rizvi Eds ,Engineering Properties of Foods.