PDF to JTextPane: you need a PDF viewer: php?id=22 2. The concept of lines is inexistent in PDF. This page provides Java code examples for The examples are extracted from open source Java projects. disregard.. i found some ideas from the internet. i just added this new line after creating the JScrollPane. ferredSize(new.

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Hi Bruno, please ignore my previous mail. OK, I understand the example, but how I make to understand if the text in a pane is more of one page, e then I create an other object of Graphics2D?

Not an iText related one.

I’m manipulating a file. I attached the code again: How to save a JEditorPane as a pdf? I have found an example in your book: The concept of lines is inexistent in PDF. WHITEbut it does not work. Can you make an example on how it should look like?

I have found the reason that it’s blank, though I have yet to find a way to overcome it. What is the problem? I don’t understand how to create more pages and no only one page. I’m trying to save text from a JEditorPane as a pdf once a save button is clicked. Email Required, but never shown. PDF from JTextPane good morning, I have resolved all problem, but i don’t understand the answer for my first problem, can you explain again?


It did just what you needed. Concerning the first issue. Rectangle; doc. Nothing, I have studied the book, watched the example, but I don’t resolve the problem. When clicked, the button opens a new Document, takes the area and converts it to an image, then adds that image to the PDF and later does the same with the button, so you get a similar output in a PDF like this one: Hi, I resolved all the questions, but there are others 3 problems.

JTextPane To Pdf : to PDF « PDF « Java Tutorial

PdfGraphics2D implements the Graphics jeditorpanee. I’ve tried doing it the below way, but cannot create the PDF successfully. When finished writing, you take your scissors and cut the roll into pages.

PDF as a format is not designed to be easily editable. Characters are added at absolute positions. I’m not that familiar with Swing. Can you show how it would be done using iText? Sign up using Facebook.

Как сохранить JEditorPane как PDF?

Search everywhere only in this topic. Jul 31, 2: There are 2 possibilities: Use one PdfGraphics2D per page. If there is no answer: I need to make the contrary, that is from pdf to textPane, how I can make it?


With iText it’s not difficult to jeditorpaje it. You want to save the form of the editor pane or the text in it? Can you help me? Based on jeeitorpane code snippet, I can tell what the myPane object is. You won’t be able to edit existing PDFs in your editor. Meanwhile, can you point me to some part where I can learn how to print the info from JEditorpane into multiple page in the PDF?

Imagethe former to convert the JComponent to images and the latter to print them in the PDF, this trick was found and based on this peeskillet’s answer. It’s purely a Swing problem: The method paintToPDF does the job correctly, however the Pane is parsed as a graphics2D component, and so wrapping the line is not possible. But that’s obvious, isn’t it? But jdditorpane not an iText problem, is it?

How I can make it? Most editors save the contents in another format. Thanks so much, I jeditoorpane resolved, however I have others two problems: Jul 17, 2: