Download Lagu Shree Jagannath Sahasranama Names Of Sri Jagannath Sidharth Tv MP3 dapat kamu download secara gratis di Waptrick. Untuk melihat. Shree Jagannatha Sahasranama [Odia]. 1/ Shree Jagannatha Sahasranama [Odia]. Page 2. Shree Jagannatha Sahasranama. Shri Shri Jagannath Sahasranama Stotram – Bhajan: Shri Shri Jagannath Sahasranama Stotram (New Uploaded Video) Album Name: Shri.

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Shop on the Go Download the app and get exciting app only offers at your fingertips. Darahasa He who laughs at Indra or From the navel Get to Know Us. Brahath thapa He who does great penance SAmsara Rakshaka Sadaa Who always protects domestic life Vishnu Vishnu the care taker Lokanadho Lord of the earth 10 Neeladreesa God of the blue mountain To the mother chant, the sage is Veda Vyasa, the meter is Anushtupthe God addressed is Jagananadhaand the thousand names are being read as per the wishes of God Jagananadha.


Vasudeva Son of Vasudeva Sudra The service providers I salute him who loves the world and please tell in detail sahasranamaa, The naes of that lord of the worldso that I can tell them properly.

Paradhika He who is beyond divinity Kalpa kruth He who creates the ion Dwaraka pathi The Lord of Dwaraka Dhana Garbha He who produces wealth Parath para The divine among divines Lokanadho Lord of the earth 6.

Explore More Indian Music. Nithya sthala Viharaka He who roams daily in places Ahankara kama krodhadhi nasana Destroyer jaganath pridepassion and anger Chathurbahu He who has four hands VedaGarbha One who has Veda within him 7.

The God instructed the king to collect the wodden piece sent by him to carve out the idol of the god.

Parapalaka Protector of divinity Sukrutha He who does good deeds Rik Preethi He who likes Rik Veda Paradharma cha sarva Dharma Namaskrutha He who is saluted by other sects as well as all sects Anantha The endless one Na apavadham na dukham cha kadhaa cha labhathe naraSArva soukhyam phalam praapya Chiram jeevi bhaveth nara.


Loka Darsana He who looks after the world Jagad Vyapi He who has spread throughout the world Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Viswanatha preethidha He who is dear to Lord Shiva Mahabrahma The great Brahma Jagad datha The giver to the world Yugantha The end of the time