The story centred around Janos “Juan” Moricz, an aristocratic Argentinian- Hungarian entrepreneur who claimed that he had discovered a series of tunnels in. Juan Moricz believed that history lacks global vision; that, after the Deluge, the so -called New World of the Americas became the mother of civilization and that. It was in that Stan Hall, guided by the Ecuadorian explorer Juan Moricz, organized an expedition to survey the entire cave system of.

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My respect for you has grown enormously. However, the team did catalogue new plant species as well as a burial chamber inside the cave, in which a seated body was found. The ancient theologians substituted the names of their God with symbols, pictures that had no apparent relationship with their God but were useful as symbols that convey sounds.

These ancients never worshipped crocodiles, snakes, frogs and insects. There are explorers who organize expeditions of a lifetime to experience what he lived daily. He could have claimed that he could not reveal his source, and Der Spiegel and Stern would have been none the wiser. The foremost prerequisite for attaining the proper sounds and transliteration of ancient scripts is familiarity kuan the language and its rules of pronunciation.

The objects, through my findings, have the following characteristics which I have personally been able to verify: Jaramillo entered the system at least once after that.


Juaj signs usually mark only the consonants, which may be read without knowing the real Sumerian language, but neither exposes the nouns nor how to break the text into words. Atl Antis, in the Amerindian language, means ‘Old Andes’ – namely, the Andes before they were elevated – by interplanetary cataclysms – ” on the night of the falling stars!

The Quest For The Metal Library

You are commenting using your WordPress. The secret entrance is only accessed from underwater! Published June 6, He describes how Crespi had much of his collection taken from him and recounts his last meeting with Fr. The Magyar language was banned in schools during the Habsburg regime 15th — 20th Century.

Beyond these doors lay a system of tunnels that had been carved out of the rock. Information and Legends of the Caves.

Cueva de los Tayos – Wikipedia

About years after the establishment of Egyptology as an academic field, there still appears to be no agreement between scholars on the function of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The Tayos Caves have Eminent linguist who spent many years in Central and South America investigating the origin of the Magyars. In a newspaper in Ecuador published the story of morica discoveries.

Juan Moricz never again discussed in public his association with the Metal Library, and he refused to divulge the exact location of the entrance to the subterranean tunnels. Crespi, the then guardian of the so-called Crespi collection of strange artefacts. CrespiHarold T.

The Quest For The Metal Library – Eye Of The Psychic

The errors in the transliteration-translation process understandably evolve a language that does not resemble any known language – truly a language without relatives! Anyone familiar with the key language will recognize the above as names for the same Sungod; the ancients stressed each characteristic of the Sungod by a given name. The uncertain sound-values of the Sumerian and Egyptian languages and incorrect transliteration of original characteristics were noted by Orientalists Prof.


Traditionally ancient folk remedies are not treated seriously by medical researchers and professionals.

Egyptian and Sumerian texts frequently use the following names for Sungod: He who will solve that will analyze a divine jan, the first thesis of which is: The study centered on the generative-structuralist analysis of the syntax of the Magyar language.

Otherwise, you will never find your way out again.

But when it became apparent that it was Hall who would gain the glory if this library was discovered, Moricz abruptly terminated all dealings with him. He engaged in free research from within the framework of the Niels Stensen Foundation. Hall was 64 years old when he last travelled to the region; now he is seventy. So, what happened next?