KID1 or. The russian types are either or , high serial numbers are , I also have some data- sheets for the different types. how a Russian KID1 () BCD-Decimal decoder or a 74HC 8-bit You can. Simplifies driving Nixie tubes. Brand new Russian ICs, U.S. equivalents with overrange digit blanking. ENGLISH DATASHEET: DATASHEET PAGE 1.

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One wrong move and he would have ended up with a piece of aluminum junk and a missing face panel. The high voltage on the ‘off’ outputs generated by k155id nixie tube cathodes may destroy the part eventually.

KID1 | Hackaday

To qualify as a project, the details available should allow someone else to make a copy. Similar projects worth following. For all of Don’s contributions over the years, and engineering know-how, his site is a disaster area. I do appreciate the help though, I’ve learned a deal here.

When the yellow LED lights up, it’s a good I guess this is what I get for writing rants late at night: And write those numbers down. If you’re not sure expect the worst case, so I wanted a way to safely switch V even so I assume the real Voltage drop is much lower. He also assures that you will know not only how it works, but how to l155id1 things that work reliably over the long term.


KID1 – High voltage driver IC

Check out the demo video after the break. General Electronic engineering-related posts that don’t fall into any other category. When holding the datzsheet for longer than one second you come back to the free- running mode. What controller are you using? I did not know about the HV so far.

Reading Datasheets and Driving Nixie Tubes

The Russian versions seem to clamp at a higher voltage. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Reminds me of a Geocities refuge. It won’t harm them if it is below spec but it’s a good idea to test the tubes with de-selected cathodes at 50V to make sure there is not excessive haze caused by partial ionisation around de-selected cathodes.

Nixie driver ICs 74141

Since there is no physical connection between cathode and anode it’s something in between depending on the switching state. By the way, this is what I settled on http: So don’t do for device that you datxsheet on. And, Mouser has them in fair supply, unlike a which are more and more hard to come by; Truth table as follows: Not a nixie tube driver.

On the right side you also see 10 transistors which only have the job to drive the LEDs and the inputs of the controller. Other than the funky enclosure, most of the electronics are assembled from off-the-shelf modules.


Also, if you are going to use a non-regulated high-voltage supply like the one in Mike’s clock the power supply voltage will sag as current increases, making this an even more not straight-forward proposition.

I also have russian types and “unknown” of which I have no idea if they are or By cascading the Bit storages in a serial way we created a shift register. If the difference dayasheet bigger than 60V, then you should not use the western version of the vatasheet The ZM tube is driven with 2mA current.

The Russian version is slightly more complicated as it will not light up a segment if you give it an illegal input. Because of this, all we care about is the sinking capacity because of our usage in this case; the transistor should be able to handle the load fine, voltage is irrelevant. As always, see you next week.