Devotion of Suspect X [Keigo Higashino] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Devotion of Suspect X. Higashino won Japan’s Naoki Prize for Best Novel with this stunning thriller about miscarried human devotion, a bestseller in Japan. The Devotion of Suspect X [Yôgisha X no kenshin] (). Keigo Higashino ( quoted from The Devotion of Suspect X [Yôgisha X no kenshin]). “Maybe you’re.

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Not only was it on the best-seller list, but it also won the prestigious Naoki prize for best novel and it og subsequently turned into a film which was a box-office hit.

He tells Yasuko that he will take the body away and off her hide all evidence of the crime. The core of the mystery is not new – I can remember the same plot device used in at least three more stories by other authors no, I won’t reveal which stories they are! Adu kecerdasan antara genius matematika dan fisika pun tak bisa dihindarkan. NP might have been introduced by the translator, since I have not read devotipn book in its original Japanese. View all 8 comments.

The Devotion of Suspect X : Keigo Higashino :

Ishimagi weaves an elaborate story of murder around him and presents the answer while it rests on Yukawa to figure it out. Even keugo one knows from the start Devotion indeed Tang Chuan Luyi Zhang It is about a murder and how the protagonist helps the culprit cover up the crime recreating the crime scene not disclosing the details here.

Off to find my next Detective Galileo book Namun, putusnya hubungan kalian rupanya tak berbanding lurus dengan hilangnya rasa pada mantan hingga kelak kalian tahu ternyata si mantan masih suka stalking akun sosmed kalian? We are presented with a mathematical conundrum: The fact that this was a best-seller in Japan left me bemused.

The author presents us with a higashno challenge than wondering who the murderer is: The air of melancholy is too strong for me to want to add this to my library, thus the less than 5 stars.


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Higashino succeeded, and in a phenomenal way, in that even when I thought I understood the basics that the investigation was based on, that plot twist at the end was like a slap in the face. Well, the next book that has been translated, that is. But what I can say is that Keigo Higashino shows how very ordinary, likeable people can commit murder given a particular set of circumstances. Otherwise, he’s not an easy character to get to know or to feel anything about, except that Yukawa’s concern for him makes the reader care.

I sympathized with him when I learnt the reason for his devotion. The reader is left in a unique position of knowing more than the police about where the investigation should end, but discovering clues with the police as they work backwards.

And though I wish the key characters have more depth, the plot more than compensates for that flaw and the sparse prose pushes the plot along without extraneous verbiage. The brilliance of the book lies in it’s simplicity. Their neighbour Ishigami is a talented mathematician who now works as a school teacher. Devotjon must be some kind of a personal best for me.

I really like the conversations and interactions between the two main characters, both as genius trying to calculate each other moves.

The Devotion of Suspect X – Wikipedia

Battle of Memories You want to read this? Aug 13, Sifat’s Book Kingdom rated it it was amazing. Kego for us, this isn’t so much a whodunit as a story of will they get caught.

To say anything at all about the plot might spoil the book for euspect readers. Keiho is a physics professor who also is a genius. The success of the mystery is in direct proportion to the amount of mystificatio The classic whodunit works by misdirection, same as a magic trick. He is in conflict with the school administrators since his test questions are difficult while they specifically ask him to ensure that they are simple enough that every student will pass.


Anindita I would call it a “stand out from any other thrillers in the market”. I should have seen the ending coming, but I was taken in by a simple ploy by the author. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. What distinguishes this novel from other police procedurals is Kusanagi’s friend, Yukawa, a physicist. Either stop here, or if you must, gentle reader, I will continue.

The Devotion of Suspect X

I think the story plot was well laid out from beginning, slowly but surely building up to the few possibilities the audience might be able to grasp and catch if they pay enough attention. Ishigami yang mati-matian mengelabui polisi untuk menutupi tindakannya atau Yukawa yang terkenal dengan julukan Profesor Galileo yang akan membongkar trik teman dekatnya itu?

I had actually seen a South Korean movie adaptation of it before I read the novel; so I knew most of what was coming and it kept me all the way through. As you begin turning the pages, you would become acquainted with Ddevotion Hanoaka, a single parent who has needed to move to get away from her ex, at long last snaps when he appears at her new entryway.

The Devotion of Suspect X. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The mystery is solved 20 pages before. Suzpect I somewhat spoiled it for you already? Imperial University graduates in different fields, Ishigami, Yukama and Kusanagi, seem equally matched; Ishigami, unappreciated mathematical master of a methodical crime committed to protect Yasuko and Misato, and Yukama, preeminent master of rare intuitive observations of human frailties, and Kusanagi, resolute advocate of justice match their unparalleled wits to a stunning unbelievable conclusion.

If not ksigo the publishers blurbs on the book, I’d not have guessed they did.