Jodan does not have the variety of waza that you have in chudan, .. never Anna !!! Theres 5 years of kendo material on this website enjoy!. JODAN NO KAMAE KENDO (上段の構え剣道) has members. Grupo creado para aprendizaje, difusión y discusión acerca de JODAN NO KAMAE en.

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And I was to practice first with Iue-sensei every day.

For those who aspire to learn jodan, here are some advises from the Jodan Master: I found out the problem was to lift up much higher, take a large stance with a large spirit, just as. An American passed by and asked the Indian what he was doing.

Most people say seme from the left fist! So I thought hard about what to do.

Jodan no Kamae Ultimate Collection – 剣道勝負 – Kendo Duel- Playing Cards

Futagoishi Kendl hanshi Tozai Taiko Taikai. On training of men, we have to pay much attention to movements of left hand. We asked him to tell us what points to be mindful of, as well as those techniques, unique to Chiba sensei, that have been born from his experiences kehdo to now. It felt so sudden. And the thumb and index finger should be completely relax.

The Sensei might kindly decline and say that they would do the packing themselves. One of the only significant variations is the relative position of the elbows.


Jodan no Kamae Ultimate Collection

Then one year later I won the Akado championships and then the club championships. Even now, Chiba sensei says that he takes jodan when he has the opportunity. It’s bring your full game. Chiba Sensei suggested us to do wrist warm-up exercise by striking targets in an angle. He proceeded to fix 3 of my friends.

I now understand the reason for this and gave me more insight to this keendo. Cutting becomes no problem and your cuts flow smoothly.

Kendo Guide For Beginners Book. Someone did this at the All Japan KendoChamponship 2yrs ago and then finally hit a kote. A subconscious reflex that only after they made the strike did they realise what they have done. A jodann story about Chiba Sensei Chiba Sensei was a left-hander, so he gave jodan a try and started practicing this kamae in his third year of junior high school. I only just made laughs. After I won the Akado championships I continued to hold the top position.

On the other hand, it is quite important that with the extending men you let go when the hand reaches the chest. Due to the overwhelming success of his jodan in the kendo arena, rule was changed and mune-tsuki chest thrust was introduced as a valid target. His jodan Sensei was very tough on him.

When your opponent just stands firm and even performing seme wont make him move. But for me jodan is altogether a difficult and and enjoyable part of my kendo. He says that, just as with chudan, his jodan kendo has changed as he has grown older.


My top tip for practicing Jodan is to do it sitting at home in your living room. He said he always goes to his jodah to get his body fixed before major competitions. Where should I hit?

Kendo cannot be done by one person, but is the contribution of many people. Notify me of new comments via email. The middle finger should only be gripping kedno the shinai with smaller force compared to the last two. I feel that taking jodan only after getting a firm grip on chudan is a fundamental.

Click here to add your own comments Join in and write your own page! I failed because when I took jodan I just cut when the opponent frightened me into cutting. Hold it and when he comes at you hit him without a thought naturally.

This page iendo last edited on 13 Julyat Chiba sensei practices a great deal, and within that practice has clearly defined objectives.