x ^-^ J ^ A -% A -AAAAAM M ini MJIM& KNOW THYSELF By NA’IM AKBAR, PH.D. MIND PRODUCTIONS Mind Productions & Associates N. Copeland. Know Thyself by Na¶Im Akbar. What distinguishes human life from all other animals on earth is the ability to acquire knowledge. Knowledge is the capacity to . KNOW THYSELF. BY. NA’IM AKBAR, PH.D. KNOW THYSELF. EDUCATION AS . When you understand that we are all people of a sim- ilar destiny, fate and .

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Jan 25, April Lee added it. Consistent with the European-American focus on the physical and mate- rial as the essence of what is real, the way that is most acceptable for their dis- cussion of the tribal ancestral self is in their acknowledgement of genes and bio- logical inheritance as the vehicle by which the ancestors make tfieir presence known m our self.

You can never do all that you need by yourself, but you should always be able to offer those who can do what you need something from your arsenal of capability to fulfill some need that they might have. Mo rated it liked it Aug 08, Influence means that your dignity and resources will be respected and you wall be capable of developing yourself and your people consistent with the highest human ideals on the planet.

Thousands upon thousands of people know Dr. However, they still intersperse their history books with long tales of Andrew Jackson, General Custer and notorious slave- owners such as George Washington, who they are taught is the Father of their country. We need to develop the kind of skills that will bring us autonomy in our immediate envi- ronments as individuals and eventually to be a part of a community that has auton- 37 omy in the world environment.

This knowledge of w’ho we are and our relationship to nature is one of the ways that we learn to exercise proper authority over our lives and become like the Sphinx, w ith the human head sitting in control of the ferocious demands of a 49 Know Thyself How to Study the Self body like a lion. Ideas that tell our story, and generate respect for us as a people is the result of effective education.


Know Thyself by Na’im Akbar

A good educational system realizes that the true power of ones manhood and womanhood is the unique and special way that we learn to express it. Probably, the earliest step in this educational process is selecting a name.

They also maintain a strong separation between the rational and the spiritual that actually fuels a continuing conflict between spiritu- al and scientific knowledge. Once this foundation of self-knowledge has been established, then the young African-American is free to learn in whatever environment that they choose because they will have the ability to select the skills and information that will serve the purpose of their enhancement.

This intensity is because the protesters at some level understand that the demand is for the mental emancipation of the slaves by offering a valid education rather than the misedu- cation described by Dr. Of course, there are personal weaknesses that exist in the personal self as well. Return to Book Page. People will gain a new level of appreciation for Africa and her genius if they are able to study the true meaning of African Art and the philo- sophical conceptions that underlie this Art.

When people are taught that they are somebody who they are not, then this forms the basis of being miseducated.

We know that many Volkswagens complete their journeys while some Cadillacs have flat tires, burned out engines or tickets along the side of the road. Consciousness is a valued human asset and every people seek ways to enhance their knowledge — particularly their self-knowledge. The transgressor of laws is punished, although the greedy person overlooks this. The African conception of a holistic self required that moral instruction should be at the core of the educational process.

A person sees his or her life as a divinely given responsibility that must be discovered. Ultimately, the power that comes from education should well-equip people to participate in structuring the vision that inspires people to reach for greater heights in the advancement of humanity.

This naiim develop afield of commerce and trade as other free and inde- pendent people.

KNOW THYSELF, by Na’im Akbar, Forward by Dr. Asa G. Hilliard, III

Connect with us Facebook Twitter. Since our focus in this discussion is on the shared experiences of people of African descent in the context of the United States, then the example of this group is an appropriate illustration of this dimension of the self. This split continues to haunt Western education and Western psychology. A community that shares a common set of significant human experiences over a period of time yhyself stitutes a tribe.

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Perhaps, this helps to better understand why many African Americans in their personal struggles against the miseducational process have changed their names to African names. An African proverb says: People can only belong to themselves tuyself their identity is an outgrowth of their history, their culture, their reality and their survival needs. We should possess the ability to present ideas about the functioning of the environment and those ideas should bring a positive evaluation of ourselves and enhance our overall effectiveness in the world.

Na’im Akbar as a special treasure. In the days of Dr. This re-living of the dead- ly experiences of the Jewish Holocaust is an example of Jewish people engaging in an educational ritual that makes them aware of a component of their tribal ancestral self. Kia Bunseki Fu-Kiau and A.

Woodson does and dare express them- selves are branded as opponents of interracial cooperation. We are told that in the peak of Kemctic akbwr ilization there were actually more than 80, students who were studying the system of consciousness development at Ipet Isut called by the later interpreters.

This is the reason that people exert so much energy in the construction of monuments and edifices that they feel will immortalize their ideas for future generations.

African-American philosophers, thinkers and artists should seek to influence the vision of the world as well. Ritual is a method of systematically reminding us of invisible presence by visible and tangible practices. Human communities must acquire and preserve the secrets of life that ensure their survival.

In the education of African-Americans there is a need to institu- tionalize rituals such as the Holocaust Museum and annual cycles of celebration and active reenactment of the suffering of our ancestors who endured these expe- riences.