Theory of excitons. Author, Robert Seiple Knox. Edition, reprint. Publisher, Academic Press, Original from, the University of California. Digitized, Nov Solid state physics, suppl. 5: Theory of excitons. Front Cover. R. S. Knox. Academic Press, Author, R. S. Knox. Publisher, Academic Press, Title, Theory of Excitons Volume 5 of Solid state physics: Supplement ยท Volume 5 of Solid state physics: advances in research and applications: supplement.

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Dipole strengths in the chlorophylls.

Dow and Robert S. A Climate forcing by the volcanic eruption of Mount Pinatubo. B Inversion symmetry of the M center. Knox and Doris J. Physical aspects of the greenhouse effect and global warming.

Introduction to exciton physics. Knox and Su Lin.

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Weale, Elsevier, Amsterdam,pp. Optics 176 p Does excited chlorophyll-a equilibrate in solution? Valence band structure of silver chloride. Albert Gold and Robert S.


Theory of Excitons

Picosecond fluorescence of cryptomonad biliproteins. Localized and delocalized tunneling states. Time resolution of a short-wavelength chloroplast fluorescence component at low temperature. Theory of fluorescence polarization in magnetically ordered photosynthetic systems. Distinguishing between energy and electron transfer processes in photosystem two reaction centres.

Excited-state equilibration and excltons fluorescence-absorption ratio. Gibson, and Russell Hilf.

Xenon impurity states in solid argon. Electron mobility and scattering processes in AgBr at low temperatures. Davidovich and Robert S. Douglass, and Robert S. Conversion of light into free energy.

Development of an elementary climate model: Luminescence 34 Nicholas Geacintov, and Jacques Breton. Excitons and their equilibration.

Nature Geosciences 1 Luminescence 85 Photosynthetic efficiency and excitation transfer and trapping. Symmetry distribution of normal modes in macroscopic crystals. Thwory Knox and Su Lin. Knox and Herbert van Amerongen.

Theory of Excitons – Robert S. Knox – Google Books

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Energy band structure of selenium chains. Il Nuovo Cimento suppl. Energy migration and exciton trapping in green plant photosynthesis. Solid state luminescence theory and oscillator strengths in KCl: Studies of excitation energy transfer within the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and its mutants at 77K.

Non-radiative energy flow in elementary climate models. Japan 18suppl. Temperature response of Earth to the annual solar irradiance cycle.