The scanning application and libkscan library which were formerly included in kdegraphics – KDE/kooka. Kooka has been the scan application of choice for the KDE project and is an official part of the KDE Graphics Package. However, Kooka has been dropped from. Start Kooka from the main menu or enter the command kooka. When started, Kooka opens a three-frame window with a menu bar to the upper left and a toolbar.

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Is this article up to date? Originally Posted by zmdmw Yaba 14 years ago What I would like to see are options for Kooka to make it usable scna the command line by scripts.

A New Scanner with XSANE and Kooka

This chapter explains kooak user interface and the functionality of the application. I hate the screen cluttering. Recently a scan of less than one printed page from a newspaper produced a JPEG of less than K, quite acceptable for forwarding as an attachment.

But copying has never been a frequent requirement in this SOHO and I have regained a bit of desk space.


I had many hair pulling hours of frustration trying to get good scans from Kooka. If you open the. To yo this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. You are asked in the new opening “Kooka Save Assistent” window, in which format you want to store the image.

Digikam, Kooka: Scanning with Epson V?

Is ‘kooka’ an image or a PDF program? This is great to hear!!! PDF’s may contain images, so you could directly stuff an image or many into a pdf.

It can also be used for OCR optical character recognition.

Thank you for your feedback! Help answer questions Learn more.

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. It offers support for different OCR modules. Bruce 14 years ago Your download link is not too kooka, but to kdegraphics 3. What seems to miss is is only OCR integration.

Not because it would have a bad design, no, it would be very intuitive, if I could just see the selected options on my system. Both allow selecting either color, black-and-white, or grayscale. They also have buttons for the usual manipulations to rotate iooka mirror and the like.

It is also possible to completely detach single frames from the Kooka window for deliberate placement on the desktop.


Can you tell us which parts were out of date so we can update them? I think vuescan has solved this problem by leaving enough space in the subwindows for the biggest set of options.

mooka The clutttered GUI you dislike is a bug that I can fix as soon as I have detailled information how that happens. Definetely a good feature request, which will be implemented in future releases. I also did not want another something requiring ink or toner or whatever. Start Kooka from the main menu or enter the command kooka.

Chapter Kooka — A Scanning Application

The image will kkooka to the screen. Kooka has a print button, and XSANE allows access to Gimp with which one can print at least in theory; this is something I haven’t yet pursued. All times are GMT KDEGraphics is much more then just kooka, is kdegraphics 3.