The D is shipped with a 20Gb internal hard drive as standard and a CD-RW drive is available as an option — not only can you use a Korg own-brand. 10 user reviews on Korg D MGR/TG’s review”Korg D” I bought the D in London for around £ in for recording with two guitarist. Sonic State Studio:sound cards, software, digital desks the lot is listed here with specs,links and user reviews.

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You may not duplicate, alter, modify, rent, lease, resell, assign, loan, sub-license, distribute the whole or part of the Licensed Program, or make derivative works based on what is contained in the Licensed Program. If you were one of the many musicians who read Derek Johnson and Debbie Poyser’s round-up in SOS March with a mind to making a purchasing decision, then hold back on signing that credit card slip for one moment more, because there’s a new unit now in the running: Manual could be improved but that’s getting very picky!

I only heard good stuff. So, if you wished to compress a microphone signal in the analogue domain, for example, you’d have to use an external microphone preamplifier to feed a compressor connected to the relevant D input. A link to the BPM on some of the delays would be good instead of Msec values.

In the event that Third Party Software is supplied, you agree to be bound by and to observe any terms and conditions relating to the use of such Third Party Software.

korg d user reviews and opinions

High Quality recording ability. While this is easily resolved by using a Scene to store and recall such settings, this useful workaround is not discussed in the D’s documentation. All times are GMT Many potential purchasers of the D will be glad to know that it can both import and export files in the popular WAV format. And it never crashes and starts up in about 15 secs great when you wake in the middle of the night with a little vocal snippet in your head – pity it can’t tell you when it’s rubbish!


The recording process starts with the creation and naming of a new song. I just got one 2 wks ago and already used it to record a live concert. Nothing in this agreement shall affect the statutory rights of any person dealing with Korg as a consumer.

I’ve rarely seen a ripoff compare to the original. Even when using some of the quite complex editing functions Editing functions, I find I don’t need to refer to the manual.

No auxiliary sends or dynamic MIDI automation available for input channels. Stereo Ring Modulator; Doppler, which creates c1600 in the sound with changing pitch, sort of like an extreme chorus; Analog Record, which adds the sort of crackle and flutter you’d expect from old vinyl; and Talking Modulator, which manipulates the frequency spectrum of the sound to create vowel-like effects.

Thanks Guys Hello Everyone: Material is hyper serious, reliable, ergonomically designed to the maximum, and much easier than AW competitor, with whom you spend more time in the user manual on the bike. You still have to amortize the beast!

As with the D16, the D also includes a Final Effect. For example, I would like to have been told how to do a simple track-to-track bounce when none of the preset modes caters specifically for this. However, Korg’s latest offering is an awful lot of studio for a very modest sum of money.


User reviews: Korg D – Audiofanzine

Like the D16, the D features 16 tracks of uncompressed bit recording or eight tracks in a high-resolution bit mode with virtual tracks, three-band EQ, built-in Insert, Master and Final Effects processors, rhythm patterns, and snapshot mix automation. Koorg love him less BAR attention is not a criticism, it just gluttony! Physically, the D is not only in a different livery to its forebear, it’s also a more substantial beast, being a little larger and a little heavier, and is therefore not quite as portable.

Not without laughter, c ‘ is good, it serves well for an accompaniment, not to compose something. In addition, the backup procedure can deal with multiple disks, so if you wished to backup a large project containing several songs, you could do so across a number of CD-Rs.

D1600/System Updater

CD bay doesn’t make the rest of the livery! It is difficult to overemphasise the usefulness of the touchscreen facility; this speeds up many of the operations involved in using the unit. I had a little trouble with the part drum machine, at first, but when they realized the trick fast is a real bonus, and what korgg

Because of the way the CD burner works, you get a gap of about two seconds in between each track, and this prevents certain types of CD playlist from being created. The only difference is a few of the features vary between the two. Optionally, a headphone deuxime, but the Kodg just Motes.