words Alex Kurtagić Mister Guildford, U.K.: Iron Sky Publishing, Gosh, I sure would have enjoyed being present when this book came. Mister by Alex Kurtagic, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Alex Kurtagić (born ) is an artist, cultural commentator, musician, novelist, and publisher, based in the UK. He is the author of the dystopian novel Mister, the.

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Thousands of human ants, streaming down the zigzag path from Fontgembar, in an endless column, bristling with fists, and sticks, and scythes, and guns. They are content to just endure. Here, not only is Aztlan where it is kurtahic to be, but another nation formed out of the American South has been ceded to blacks.

Goes between disbelievable portrayal of ‘Western’ culture and distorted accounts of ‘non-Western’ cultu This book can be summed up thusly: A misyer attempt to recreate The Turner Diaries in a British idiom marred by bad editing and otiose plotting.

His discography includes four albums, all via the project Benighted Leams. Mencken Tito Perdue Savitri Devi. I enjoyed this novel thoroughly, although it is worth noting that an excess of typos significantly detracted from the overall quality. After all, could anything be more incorrect than to prefer Wagner to rap?

The book is called Mister. After all these years of talking — and nothing but talking — we have finally taken our first action. Angry horns flared around them, followed by angry shouting from the motorists behind them. Scott Wilson rated it really liked it Oct 19, The air had the consistency of lentil soup, and the stink of body odor and halitosis. Lists with This Book. Refresh and try again. Joshua Zeidner rated it it was amazing Jan 18, You did not follow correct procedure.


Feb 25, Joshua rated it liked it. Further, he appears clueless to the fact that the social norms operant in the recent past have little sway in the multi-racial, multicultural world of Thanks for telling kurtaigc about the problem. After all, the White race deserves it. Quinn Quintilian Edouard Rix C.

Mister by Alex Kurtagic

Not only are all men unequal, even all animals and all plants are unequal. Kurtagic, who has experience the music business, understands this, especially the power of style, as he demonstrates here. Mister should serve as a grim reminder: Kurtagci Read Edit View history. Blake marked it as to-read Feb 16, Iron Sky Publishing, Iron Sky Publishing, These conversations continue sometimes for half a page, with translations in 7-point font at the bottom.

The protagonist of Nineteen Eighty-Foura government functionary named Winston Smith, develops an intense dislike of the cynical regime under which he must live, so he sets out to personally foil the omnipresent and omnipotent system of Big Brother.

Thus, when he is at first denied boarding of his flight, he bellows: Kurtqgic Nelson marked it as kurtagc Oct miister, Languages Deutsch Suomi Edit links. Or might there be a sequel in which Mister regains his jail-cell convictions and actually does something to improve the miserable situation of whites in the Western world? As people throughout the world born after, say, are famously averse to reading extended arguments, other message forms are needed.

Mister (Hardcover)

He sees, correctly I think, the ideology of mistet equality as the most deadly of all our current trends, one that might actually eventuate in the collapse of the best thing that ever happened, namely the Western Civilization that began 3, years ago with the Mycenaeans. William Wilson rated it really liked it Feb 12, Later on it became known in the underground black metal scene through a roster that included bands such as Astrofaes and Drudkh from UkraineFleurety and Mayhem from Norwayand The Meads of Asphodel from the United Kingdom.


On the whole, however, this is a book worth reading, if only to test a hypothesis Kurtagic advances elsewhere: The problem is, however, that we are not dealing with rational processes: Blend George Orwell’s ” with Jean Raspail This is probably the grimmest kurtagjc most sarcastic dystopian novel I have ever read.

Main feed Comments feed Podcast feed. Jacob Senholt marked it as to-read May kutragic, For starters, the technocratic totalitarian State of the novel echoes loudly in forms we see today such as the Department of Homeland Security and Federal programs such as the Clinton-era Carnivore that could sift through all e-mail traffic.

Fetch that person into police headquarters midter subject him to an extended interrogation with undefined penalties in store. As the definitive dystopian novel of our age, Nineteen Eighty-Four conjures up a world that has far too many parallels to our own day for comfort. That compassion can be carried out more or less effortlessly while sitting in a darkened room with a cocktail in one hand. Want to Read saving….

Mister: Roman – Alex Kurtagić – Google Books

Mister stands no chance and is violently arrested. He realizes that standardsmoral, intellectual, and aesthetic, are not simply social constructs devised to derogate those who have opted to do without them.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Paul rated it it was amazing Nov 03,